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Dear Parents of P6 Students. Congratulations on your child’s completion of the Primary School Leaving Examinations. We understand that it has been a difficult year with many disruptions and new normal. You must be proud that your child managed to adapt and overcome these challenges with grit and determination. It is an achievement that should be recognised and celebrated.  What your child has demonstrated exemplifies our students’ pledge – ‘Rise to Life’s Challenges’.

The theme for Greendale Secondary this year is ‘Lead with Care. Be the Difference.’ It is apt, considering how different 2020 has been. We started 2020 on a high note, being one of the 28 Full Subject-Based Banding (FSBB) pilot school. Our Secondary 1s experienced learning differently, attending lessons together for common curriculum subjects such as Art, Design & Technology, Food & Consumer Education, Music and Physical Education, and breaking out into subject-based banding groups for others.

Our graduates perform above expectations, against national standards and their cohort of young people. Our 2019 graduating cohort achieved the best outcomes ever in Greendale’s history. That is indeed a testimony of excellence and we are committed to ‘Be the Difference’. Staff and students of Greendale continue our pursuit for excellence despite the challenges and difficult period of COVID-19. We must rise above life’s challenges now more than ever to strive to be better Learners, Thinkers and Leaders to Serve, Lead and Excel. We must encourage each other to continue to strive and thrive. It is heartening to note that Greendale students and staff have taken opportunities to ‘Be the Difference’ during the COVID-19 pandemic. Beatrice Wong of Class 4D, together with her brother, sewed masks, in the project ‘Masks Sewn with Love’, which were given away to people who may not be able to afford them. Eron Ang of Class 4C was part of #BlockWatchers, helping to ensure families in his community keep well. Mr Bobby Chia received special mention for his ‘Lightning Kit Template and Tasks’, which teachers can use to simulate practical tasks for students to practice at home during Full Home-Based Learning. Despite the challenges that the global health pandemic of COVID-19 presents, let us look forward to the next era as ‘we, members of the Greendale family, strive to uphold our school values and rise to life’s challenges’. These are words from our school pledge, which we recite daily. Let these values and principles continue to guide us into an even brighter future.

We will welcome our second batch of FSBB students in 2021 and we will continue to make a difference in their learning.

Ms Amy Ng, Principal

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At Greendale Secondary School, we journey with every child and help them succeed in their own way. Beyond quality relationships and experiences, customized and differentiated programmes and processes help meet the different needs of every child, inspiring and assisting them to excel.

Greendale Secondary School is a value-adding school. We believe that a happy student is a successful one. Success is defined as making a difference in the lives of every child that comes to Greendale and supporting their educational development in order for them to reach their fullest potential. The inclusive and caring environment here ensures that no student journeys alone. Opportunities and platforms are provided for them to get to know their peers and teachers both within and outside of the classroom. Opportunities and platforms are also given to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses.

We maximise student engagement by helping them learn how to learn through the teaching of study skills and learning routines, as well as through the customisation and differentiation of lessons. Our quality and unique experiences extend across both the academic and non-academic domains such as our CCE and distinctive programmes. These programmes augment the educational growth of our students through their interaction with committed, caring teachers and the friendships of like-minded students moving towards a common goal of learning and excellence.

Every Child Matters as We Journey with them From Start to the End

We strive to provide every child with an enriching journey to nurture them holistically to become Learners, Thinkers and Leaders. We place strong emphasis on character development and inculcate in them the R3ISE (Respect; Responsibility; Resilience; Integrity; Self-discipline; Empathy) values to navigate in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment. We ignite the joy of learning in every student by providing them with memorable and enriching opportunities for growth and development.

Here’s what our Secondary 1 2020 students have to say about their first year @ Greendale!

We are an Established School with 15 Years of Excellence

Greendale Secondary School opened its doors to the first intake of 320 Secondary 1 students on 2 January 2006. The school derived its “green” from Punggol’s rustic, green and waterfront living setting, with “dale” providing a link to its location at Edgedale Plains. The school was officially opened by Dr Teo Chee Hean, who was then the Minister for Defence, Minister-in-charge of the Civil Service and MP for Pasir-Ris Punggol GRC, in 2008.

We will be celebrating 15 Years of Excellence in 2021. In commemoration of our 15th Anniversary, the school has designed the 15th Anniversary Logo with inputs from our staff and students with the tagline – Forward As One. Join us and be part of this milestone celebration!!!

A culmination of design concepts and elements from students’ winning entries of the Greendale Logo Design competition, the overall design concept depicts coming together to forge one stronger entity.

The continuous, seamless shape that forms the letters ‘G’ and ‘D’, represents Greendale and resembles the infinity symbol. This signifies the school’s continuous strive towards excellence.

The two contrasting colours of the logo depict the different pathways to success. Gaps within the infinity symbol represent the challenges faced along the journey and the resilience to Serve and Lead.

The number ‘15’ marks the school’s 15th Anniversary.
The number ‘1’ with a dot above it, forms a human-like figure leaping upwards, progressing and rising above life’s challenges.

About GD15 Logo

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In Greendale, we understand the importance of providing our learners with an environment that safe and conducive for learning. The school has carried out numerous projects to develop new facilities and enhance existing ones. They include the Indoor Sports Hall, Student Hub and school canteen. More study areas have also been added in the last few years. We will soon be re-turfing our field with synthetic turf, and resurfacing our parade square to provide students with proper play courts to enhance safety. Here are the various learning spaces in our school!

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In Greendale, we pride ourselves to be a school with committed and caring staff. Our team of teachers, executive and administrative staff are dedicated to work with parents to support their children in their secondary education. Here’s what our parents have to say about our school staff. You can read more of their compliments on our 2020 Teachers’ Day post.

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We offer a variety of subjects to cater to varying interests and abilities of students.


Study Skills Programme

The school has put in place a number of academic programmes to support the students’ learning in their journey. The Study Skills programmes introduced at Secondary 1, is a core programme that all students go through. This programme helps students master the various study skills using the ‘SOAR’ approach (Select, Organise, Associate, Regulate).

Night Study Programme

Remediation and consultations are also conducted for students who may require more help from the teachers. Our yearly Night Study programme is dedicated to our graduating cohort who may need a conducive place to study. Our caring and committed teachers spend time with students, even for the Night Study sessions, to ensure that there is constant help for students so that they can excel.

Curriculum Innovation Programme

Students’ engagement is something that we pride ourselves on. Our Curriculum Innovation projects focus on developing lessons that have greater engagement for our students. New ideas are discussed and carried out in the classrooms. Students’ feedback has been that they have enjoyed these new innovative lessons as they found learning to be more fun.

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Greendale’s ALP is centered on Design, Technology and Engineering.

Secondary 1

  • Basic coding and electronic skills
  • Arduino microcontrollers and micro:bit programming

Secondary 2

  • Learn advanced Arduino coding skills to create a wireless mobile user interface
  • Apply the Design Thinking Process in the SIT Challenge to develop innovative projects that will help the elderly

Secondary 3

  • Selected students will take part in external competition such as the STEM Shell Challenge


Greendale’s LLP is centered on Outdoor and Adventure Education. It is an integrated approach to learning and development in which abstract character attributes and specific skill sets are nurtured through concrete experiences such as Level Camps. The hallmark of the Outdoor and Adventure Education is ‘Learning by Doing’. Students get to enjoy challenging and unfamiliar experiences that test and develop their physical, social and personal skills, which in turn strengthens their personal qualities and leadership skills. All students in Greendale enjoy the programmes in store as these programmes encourage socialisation amongst students of various races and streams.

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Greendale recognises that CCE is crucial to the holistic development of the child that comes through our doors. The goal of CCE is to inculcate values and build competencies in our students to develop them to be future-ready citizens. Students develop their character through the CCE framework and curriculum the teachers have designed for them, achieving the level outcomes in their 4/5 years in the school.

Level Outcomes

iLIVE Programme

Values are placed at the core of the framework as they drive every aspect of character development in Greendale. Every student is taught skills and knowledge through the Life Skills and Values Education for the iY-Generation (iLIVE). These student-centric values-based lessons are designed in an Experiential, Participatory, Image-rich, Connected (EPIC) way, which are mostly activity-based.

Values-in-Action (VIA)

VIA activities are learning experiences that support students’ development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community. Through purposeful planning, VIA in Greendale is used as a platform to foster student ownership and to put the values that they have learnt during CCE into practice. One example is the SIT Challenge in which our Secondary 2 students went to various Elderly Homes, Hospices and Day Care Centres to learn more about the challenges faced by the elderly in order to design a product or process which can help make the lives of the elderly better.

Aligned to our school’s motto, our VIA programmes aim to develop caring and values-driven youths who serve the community.


Greendale’s student leadership development programme is guided by the principles of Servant Leadership by Robert Greenleaf.

The servant-leader is servant first. It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. The best test is: do those served grow as persons: do they, while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants? And, what is the effect on the least privileged in society; will they benefit, or, at least, not be further deprived?

Greenleaf, 1977/2002

The Student Leadership Committee (SLC) aims to develop all Greendale students to become confident leaders with the heart to serve. As such, student leaders go through training and are given opportunities as part of their leadership development journey.

The Greendale Student Leadership Journey is based on Servant Leadership principles. The inverted pyramid signals how leaders with greater responsibilities need to support the rest of the student population through the ability to serve.

There are outcome goals for each of the 5 levels of leadership tied to the Servant Leadership traits. Minimally, all students should seek to become responsible leaders. At the highest level of leadership, we aim for our student leaders to demonstrate the traits of being a servant leader.

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Greendale National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) involves the cadets in weekly Friday training sessions through a series of activities such as campcraft, drills and team bonding activities. The weekly training of our unit in Greendale Secondary School focuses on bringing out values and character in the cadets as active citizens passionate learners and confident leaders.


Singapore Red Cross Youth (SRCY) integrates character building, essential life-saving skills, local community services and overseas humanitarian projects in its curriculum, with the Red Cross ethos and service to humanity at its core. These platforms prepare them for leadership in their families and communities and this focus on character and citizenship.


National Cadet Corps (NCC) strives to develop cadets with a resilient mind, a fit body and a committed heart as part of its “Cadet Strong” initiative. 2020 also marks the first year of Greendale becoming an NCC (Air) Unit.

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Our Softballers undergo rigorous physical and skills set training that focus on developing resilience, discipline and teamwork. In 2020, the ‘B’ Division Girls Team made it to the Top 8 Teams in the National Inter-School Softball Championship before COVID-19 Circuit Breaker measures kicked in. Our Wolvens continues to adapt and strive to the new normal in such extraordinary times.


Floorball training is 3 times weekly and a single session would typically consist of physical training and sharpening of technical skills. Students are taught skills such a shooting, passing and defending. Students also view the recording of past games and jot down their reflection in their journal. These training sessions are interlaced with bonding activities to promote camaraderie among teammates.


Fencing is also known as “Physical Chess with the speed of light”with its amazing tactical complexity and movement. The sport develops students’ fitness, agility and coordination. Its analysis of strategy enhances the mind and focus while instilling self-control in every fencer. The Greendale Fencing team comprises 60 energetic and dedicated students from all levels training in 2 weapon groups, Epee and Sabre.


Canoeing involves water and land training activities which requires self-discipline. A typical water session involves students paddling their canoes in Bedok Reservoir for two hours, followed by half an hour of land exercises. New members undergo the 1-star kayaking certification before they are allowed into the water.


Greendale footballers are involved in a year-long programme that seeks to stretch and develop not only their playing and tactical abilities but also their values. During CCA sessions, the players get to hone their technical skills with various drills and also develop their teamplay in small side for modified games. Values and sportsmanship are emphasized by the teachers and coaches, who hope Greendale footballers can develop character and leadership both on and off the field.

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Angklung, is an instrument that originates from Indonesia. The word ‘angklung’ means ‘broken sound’. To make a music using angklung, the player must shake the angklung to make a continuously sound. Students will be exposed to playing other instruments such as kulintang, angklung solo and percussion, where those with potential will focus on training with these instruments to master the playing.


Greendale Chorale seeks to develop students who are passionate in music and diligent in practice. A typical session will see the CCA Leaders leading the warm up sessions before the conductor arrives. When the conductor, Mr Raymond Lee, arrives, he will focus on the music. In order to strive for greater heights, Greendale Chorale partakes in various performances and competitions as well.


Greendale Orchestra provides a platform for young musicians to share their passion and make music together. With more than 70 members, Greendale Orchestra aims to nurture young musicians through our weekly sectional and combined practices conducted by experience music instructors. During sectional practices, students are grouped according to their instruments and are taught by instructors in small groups.


In Greendale Dance Ensemble, we believe that every student can learn as long as he or she has the passion and interest. Students who join dance have shown keen interest in the CCA as can be seen from the near 100% attendance for every training session. Secondary 1 Students for the CCA are recruited based on their interest rather than on their aptitude.


The primary objectives of Theatricks! are to inculcate core school values such as empathy, responsibility, self-discipline and to hone the students’ language skills including word articulation and vocabulary building. Students are also taught theatre nuances that include stage blocking, breathing techniques, vocal skills, characterisation and backstage work such as prop-making, sound and light management and stage management. Every session begins with team building games that the students largely enjoy and they can expect an amalgam of role-play activities in every session.

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The Outdoor Adventure Club (ODAC) family goes through adventures together. We inspire others to appreciate nature and challenge each other to push ourselves to the limit. Through physical training, we gain the resilience and strength to carry out a wide array of activities: cycling, kayaking, rock climbing and hiking. We also learn useful outdoor skills such as pioneering, first aid and outdoor cooking.


The Art Club began the year with a new motto, ‘Every Art Club member is a Leader who is Creative, Confident and Compassionate.’ With a total strength of 50 members, the club aims to develop all members into creative individuals who are resilient, demonstrate team spirit and possess compassion for others.


The Robotics Club was started in 2016 as an extension to our school’s Applied Learning Programme in Design, Technology and Engineering to provide ample opportunities for our members to “Dream, Design and Build”. Students are taught workshop skills in basic electronics and coding in order to build their own robots for competitions. Students are also trained in CAD software such as Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Fusion 360 to design and build their own 3D printed models.


The Greendale Broadcasting Club (GBC) handles the technical aspects of the school such as the Public Address (PA) system, backstage and control room. During CCA students work on existing projects and competitions. Committee members would plan and conduct training sessions for events. Team leaders would rehearse for school events with duty members.


The Library Club is a closeknit team who pride ourselves in serving our school and community. We actively promote reading in our school and volunteer at Sengkang Library and Sparkletots where we read and teach art and craft activities to young children there.

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Greendale Secondary School’s mission is to ‘Nurture Talent, Develop Character, Inspire Lives’. The school’s vision, ‘Learners, Thinkers, Leaders’ encapsulates the desire of the school to shape the future-ready Greendale student who would be prepared for and thrive in the 21st-century with the necessary skills and mindsets.

Greendale’s Talent Development Programme (TDP) is aligned to our mission and vision, in particular our strategic thrust of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (differentiating and customizing our curriculum based on student profile and learning needs).

Key Strategies

We have adopted the following three strategies in Greendale’s TDP:

  • Excellence – for outstanding students who desire to excel in their respective fields, through a targeted approach such as inter-school and national competitions.
  • Extension – for students who show deeper interest and strength in their respective fields, in the form of special enrichment activities and programmes.
  • Exposure – for students to have an experience in the various Greendale Signature Programmes such as Design, Technology and Engineering, Outdoor Adventure Education, and the Greendale Scientist Programme.

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In Greendale, learning is not confined to the classroom. We believe in providing students with diverse learning experiences to help to discover their areas of interest. Greendale’s Work Experience Programme (WEP) is one of the many enriching experience that a student can participate in to learn about work in a certain areas or industries by being on the the ‘job’. This authentic experience also helps them find the areas of interest which they could further pursue. Here are some experiences students who had gone through WEP!

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Click on the picture to view the Lite version of Greendale’s Yearbook 2020!

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On top of the 15th Anniversary Logo, our new school song video was put together to commemorate our 15th Anniversary Celebrations in 2021. Our school song captures what our school stands for – our commitment to Nurture Talents, Develop Character and Inspire Lives. Please enjoy viewing it!

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1. Can I know the Cut-off Points (COPs) for 2019 PSLE students posted to 2020 Secondary 1?
2. How many Secondary 1 classes are there in Greendale Secondary?
3. What are the school hours like?
4. How do I get to Greendale Secondary School?
5. What are your 2019 “O” / “N” Level Results?
6. What is your school NICHE/SPECIAL/Distinctive programme?
7. Are students allowed to bring mobile phones to school?
8. Does my child need to buy a laptop/ mobile device as part of school programme when s/he joins Greendale Secondary School?
9. School Shoes Policy for 2021
10. Does your school offer Higher Chinese/ Higher Malay?
11. Does your school offer Tamil?
12. Subjects available at “O” / “N” Levels
13. Are there any remedial lessons after school?
14. Are there any leadership development/ opportunities for students?
15. Can my child join more than one CCA?

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1. Can I know the Cut-off Points (COPs) for 2019 PSLE students posted to 2020 Secondary 1?

COPs for 2019 PSLE students posted to 2020 Secondary 1 are as follows:

Under MOE policy, admission is by merit. For posting purposes, the cut-off points for admission will be based on the PSLE aggregate score of the last pupil who is successfully admitted into the relevant ‘course’ during the Secondary 1 Posting Exercise for the year.

Based on our 3-year trend, our cut-off points have been increasing. We encourage applicants to set themselves a target of no less than the relevant 2019 cut-off points.

MOE Secondary 1 Posting Exercise Process

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2. How many Secondary 1 classes are there in Greendale Secondary?

There are 8 Secondary 1 classes.

Greendale Secondary School is one of the 28 secondary schools selected by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to pilot aspects of Full SBB from 2020 onwards. Students will take the following subjects together at a common level at lower secondary: Art, Character & Citizenship Education, Design & Technology, Food & Consumer Education, Music and Physical Education. For all other subjects, students will be grouped in classes according to the level at which they offer each subject.

This common learning experience creates a valuable setting for students to mingle, build meaningful friendships, and appreciate different perspectives.

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3. What are the school hours like?

Tuesdays and Thursdays

2.45 PM – 5.00 PM    Remedial lessons

Wednesdays and Fridays

2.45 PM – 6.00 PM    Co-curricular Activities (CCA) and enrichment

*The training hours are subject to change according to instructors’ schedule.

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4. How do I get to Greendale Secondary School?

Bus: 3, 50, 62, 83, 85, 136, 386
Nearest LRT: Meridian / Coral Edge Stations
MRT: Punggol Station

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5. What are your 2019 “O” / “N” Level Results?

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6. What is your school NICHE programme/SPECIAL programme/Distinctive programme?

Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) in Outdoor Adventure Education (OAE)

  • Our LLP in OAE develops students in their character attributes and specific skillsets through concrete experiences and challenges.
  • They acquire a range of skills in outdoor activities during PE lessons as well as during post-exam activities.
  • All students participate in a level camp with OAE component every year to develop their physical, social, leadership and personal skills:

Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in “Design, Thinking and Engineering” (DTE)

  • It is an integration of design, technology and science programmes at lower secondary to help our students develop design thinking, problem-solving strategies, as well as creative and critical thinking techniques to solve real-world issues.
  • Students will learn how to design, code and build through Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and micro:bit/ Arduino programming language.
  • They will get the opportunity to prototype their ideas through the use of 3D printers and laser cutters.
  • At Secondary 2, students will take part in the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) – Greendale Challenge which helps students to put the Design Thinking process into action. Students are challenged to come up with a project to help better the lives of various segments of the community e.g. the elderly, the physically challenged, etc. They are then assessed by our community partners and SIT for the usefulness and practicality of the project designed by their team.

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7. Are students allowed to bring mobile phones to school?

  • The school encourages the use of ICT to support teaching and learning. ICT devices should not be used for gaming or other forms of entertainment.
  • School staff will encourage students to use ICT devices positively.
  • Portable communication devices are permitted in the school but can only be used in the school canteen and café during recess/lunch break and after curriculum hours.
  • Students should switch off their mobile phones during curriculum time.

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8. Does my child need to buy a laptop/ mobile device as part of school programme when he/ she joins Greendale Secondary School?

Currently, Greendale does not require students to buy laptops or mobile devices.

As announced by former Education Minister Mr Ong Ye Kung, all secondary school students will own a personal digital learning device by 2021. The school will provide more details when we roll-out the programme.

We provide devices at the computer labs and/or mobile carts for students when required; students can use laptops in our library after school curricular hours for their school work.

Our school has a dedicated and secure Wireless Internet (WiFi) network, provided for under MOE IT Division (ITD), for students to bring-their-own-devices (BYOD) to connect to the Internet for learning purposes.

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9. School Shoes Policy for 2021

With effect from 2021, Greendale students will be allowed to wear sports shoes in place of the current black shoes with yellow shoe laces. They should also pair it with plain white socks.

This implementation aims to enhance student well-being as sports shoes are better able to support the range of physical and sporting activities at the secondary level and offer better cushioning (as compared to black canvas shoes) to minimise potential injuries.

To empower students with choice and flexibility, the school will NOT be arranging vendors to conduct the sale of school shoes. Instead, students can purchase their sports shoes from any retail store in adherence to the following guidelines:

  • ONLY sports shoes suitable for running and physical activities are allowed.
  • High-cut and neon coloured shoes or motifs are NOT allowed.
  • Sports shoes must have shoe laces to fasten for support. Slip-ons are NOT allowed.

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10. Does your school offer Higher Chinese/ Higher Malay?

No. Students who are eligible for Higher MTL will have to go to the nearest school in the afternoon.

Nonetheless, we offer Subject-Based Banding for students who are eligible to offer MTL at a higher level.

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11. Does your school offer after Tamil?

No. Students have to go to the nearest Tamil Language Centre (Seng Kang Secondary School) or MOE Language Centre (Umar Palavar) in Serangoon or Bishan in the afternoon.

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12. Subjects available at “O” / “N” Levels

“O” Level Subjects

English, Chinese, Malay, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Principles of Accounts (POA), Humanities (Social Studies/History or Social Studies/Geography), Pure Geography, Pure History, Pure Literature (note: from 2020 onwards), Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry or Chemistry/Biology), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Art, Design & Technology (D&T)

“N” Level Subjects

English, Chinese, Malay, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Principles of Accounts (POA), Humanities (Social Studies/History or Social Studies/Geography), Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry), Art, Design & Technology (D&T), Computer Applications (CPA), Elements of Business Skills (EBS), SMART Electrical Technology (SET)

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13. Are there any remedial lessons after school?

For Lower Secondary and Secondary 3, only selected students who require additional learning support in certain subjects will have to attend remedial lessons on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays.

For Secondary 4/5, our school provides a structured Extended Academic Programme (from Term 1 – Term 4) as well as Night Study Programme (Term 3 – Term 4) to support the students.

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14. Are there any leadership development/ opportunities for students?

As a student in Greendale, your child will have a variety of leadership training and opportunities. For example, all students in Greendale hold a leadership position in class. They will be trained in servant leadership principles during the coming Orientation Camp and Class Exco training sessions. These will equip them with the necessary skills to serve the class and others. At higher levels, they will have the opportunity to take on greater leadership roles such as CCA Leaders, Sports Leaders and Student Councillors, who plan and lead school-wide events. There will also be opportunities for students to undergo our Aspiring Leaders and Inspiring Leaders Training programmes and camps in Secondary 2 and 3 respectively.

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15. Can my child join more than one CCA?

Here in Greendale, students are encouraged to join not more than one CCA, so as to balance out their time with their studies.

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