Sec 2 Streaming Workshop – For Parents, By Parents!

Greendale’s PSG organised an exclusive workshop on Secondary 2 streaming matters for our PSG parents on 17 August 2018 (Monday). It was a new initiative by our PSG, after hearing feedback from parents that they would appreciate a session for them to clarify any doubts they may have with regard to Secondary 2 streaming.

In this special workshop, arrangements were made to have the various IP Head of Departments (HODs) to share in greater detail the differences between Pure and Combined Sciences, Pure and Combined Humanities, as well as what is to be expected in AMath and POA. The reason to focus on these subjects was because these are relatively new to the students, should they decide to take them up in Secondary 3 next year. Parents would also have more time for QnA with the IP HODs.

Apart from hearing from the IP HODs, PSG parents, Ms Alice Yeo and Ms Choong Lee Ling, also shared timely advice with the parents present on how to best help their children make the right decisions on subject combination, so as to maximise their potential. They also shared useful parenting tips on how to assist children cope with the demands of being a Secondary 3 student – when taking on added leadership responsibilities in CCAs, while juggling the loaded demands of school work.

Generally, the feedback provided by the parents who attended the workshop were positive, and we will continue to organise similar sessions in future!

Interested in what the PSG is doing? Wish you could be a part of us? Do join us so that we can partner you in the journey to nurture your child!

– Mrs Elsa Khoo, PSG Teacher Liaison

Photos by: Ms Alice Yeo, PSG Chairperson 2018

Greendale’s PSG Strikes Again!

On the GCE ‘O’ Level English Examination day, our PSG @GreendaleSec came down to give another round of their support to our Class of 2017! And this time, because of the long afternoon of examination, our thoughtful PSG members bought buns and other light snacks for our students, the ‘Stars’!

This kind gesture from the parents was definitely a great morale booster for our students, as they take a short break in between their English Paper 1 and Paper 2.

A line-up of delicious pastries! All wanting to be eaten, except one.

And not forgetting these… Juices! Look at them!

Dejavu… Looks the Same, But it’s Different. New Stock la…

And here come our Stars…

And a snapshot of our young ladies.

“We’ll be fine for the Os, everyone… So don’t worry too much ya!”

THANK YOU Parents!

The PSG @GreendaleSec

[All Photos Courtesy of: Mrs Patricia Tham, PSG Member]

– Reported by: Ms Elsa Chen (HOD Humanities)

Parent Support Group @ Night Study Programme

To provide additional learning support for our graduating students, a two-week Night Study Programme (NSP) was introduced by the School @GreendaleSec.

Respective academic departments conducted supplementary structured lessons for these students, as well as scheduling teachers to be in school for them to consult with and to clarify any doubts the students might have, while doing their revision during the NSP. All these were put in place, so as to give our students the essential and quality learning support in preparation for their National Examinations.

To help these students maximise their revision time in school, dinner was catered for them throughout the NSP. Our Parent Support Group (PSG) @GreendaleSec discussed and planned to provide their support to the graduating cohort of 2017 and, hence, decided to come down and help out in the NSP’s dinner service!

Introducing… The PSG @GreendaleSec! [Photo Courtesy of: Ms Elsa Chen]

Ever Ready… To Serve! [Photo Courtesy of: Ms Elsa Chen]

Look at the Queue! [Photo Courtesy of: Ms Elsa Chen]

Coming in for Seconds… [Photo Courtesy of: Ms Elsa Chen]
Apart from helping out in the dinner service, our PSG also contributed a little extra to the NSP – by demonstrating their creative craft and artistic prowess, in preparing little gifts for our students!

Innovative & Enterprising [Photo Courtesy of: Ms Elsa Chen]
And that’s not all. One of the parents decided to give yet another pleasant surprise… by sponsoring chilled fruit juices and delicious jelly as desserts!

[Photos Courtesy of: Mrs Patricia Tham, PSG Member]

And check out their happy faces!

[Photos Courtesy of: Mrs Patricia Tham, PSG Member]

A very warm, BIG thank you to our PSG, for their valued help and contributions in this year’s NSP!

There will be more PSG volunteering opportunities @GreendaleSec in future, which shall be made known here via The e-Connexion, so interested parents, you may approach the school administration at 6315 8616.

– Reported by: Ms Elsa Chen (HOD Humanities)