TraceTogether (TT) Token Distribution for Students by End March 2021

Dear Parents/ Guardians

As part of the nationwide effort to distribute TT tokens for the purposes of contact tracing, MOE will be facilitating the distribution of tokens to students who have not collected theirs from the Community Centres/Clubs (CCs) earlier during the national distribution exercise. The school distribution will be carried out by end March 2021. Kindly note that the replacement of existing/lost tokens will only be done at the CCs.

The school will issue a TT Token to your child/ward only if the Token Request Form (appended) is submitted to your child’s form teacher by 22 Feb 2021.

TT tokens collect data to facilitate contact tracing to keep us safe during this pandemic. Please note that if your child/ward has already been issued a TT Token as part of the national distribution exercise by Community Centres/Clubs (CCs), the school will not be issuing another TT Token to your child/ward.

For more information on the TraceTogether Privacy Safeguards, you may refer to the following website:

Should you have any queries, kindly contact Ms Khairunnisha at 6315 8616. We appreciate your support in this nationwide effort to keep Singapore safe. Thank you.

Other useful reference:

  1. MOE FAQs for further information on the implementation of the TT-only SafeEntry and other safe management measures in school (
  2. TraceTogether Request Form (for non PG parents)