Teachers’ Day Wishes (Thank You for All the Wishes)

Dear Parents

We will be celebrating Teachers’ Day on Thursday, 3 Sep 2020.

In appreciation of what our teachers’ have done for the students and to keep learning going during this trying period, let us show our appreciation by giving them words of encouragement using the comments module below.

Thank you!


To all parents,

Thank you for all your well wishes and encouragements. We will continue to do our best for the school and students!


Thank you to all Parents for your Well-Wishes!

64 thoughts on “Teachers’ Day Wishes (Thank You for All the Wishes)”

  1. Wishing all teachers of Greendale Sec School a Happy Teachers’ Day!

    Thank you for keeping learning going!!!

  2. Thank you all teachers in Greendale Sec School for being such a great teacher who bring out the best in their students!
    Happy Teacher’s day! 👍💖

  3. “Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime.”
    A big Thank you to all Teachers for your hardwork!

  4. To all the teachers of Greendale Sec, thank you for making learning fun and memorable for the students!

    Happy teacher’s day!

  5. Wishing all teachers at Greendale Secondary Happy Teacher Day!

    No word can fully describe your dedication and our appreciation of your guidance and patience for the students.

    Take care and stay safe!

  6. You are a role model for all of your students. Thank you for making them wiser each and every day. Happy Teachers’ Day!

  7. Tee-cher (n): a multitasking educational rockstar who lives to inspire and loves to encourage. You are kind of a big deal! 👍🏻👍🏻

    🌹💐 Happy Teacher’s Day! 💐🌹

  8. Want to wish all teachers and staffs of Greendale secondary school a Big thank you. Particularly want to thanks MDM GOH of Class 4A for her loves, patience and guidance to my son Andy Lim.

  9. Team Greendale

    There isn’t a word fit enough to describe my deepest appreciation for your tenacity, resilience and efforts in nurturing our children.

    Because you believed, they are inspired to chase their dreams!

    Thank you for being the difference in the lives of our children !

    Happy Teachers’ Day! ❤️👩‍🏫🧑‍🏫👨‍🏫

  10. Thank you! Teachers of Greendale Sec Sch.

    Appreciate all the efforts for the changes during this difficult time and making sure the students are well.

  11. Happy Teachers’ Day to Ms Amy Ng, all the teachers and staff of Greendale Sec School!

    You are a blessing and encouragement to the students especially in this pandemic.

    Thank you for all the efforts and arrangements to ensure that lessons are continued in a safe and orderly manner and the students are mentally and physically well-prepared.

  12. A big thank you to the teachers of Greendale Sec. Teaching is not for everyone so you are certainly special. An extra bouquet of appreciation to the teachers of Eri Qistina (4D) and Danyal Rakhshan (2H). My kids want to go to school every day so teachers, keep on doing what you’re doing!

  13. Dear GDSS Teachers,

    Just wanted to let you know that your hard work is extremely appreciated. Thank you for always being there and becoming best friends cum mentors to my teenagers!!!

    Happy Teacher’s Day!!!

  14. Dear GDSS Teachers

    Thank you for all your hard works… you guys make lessons so enjoyable that my kid enjoys going to school. Happy Teachers’s Day ☺️

  15. Dear Teachers
    Thank you for your dedication to teach our kids. Appreciate the extra effort to communicate and help them to do better.

    “Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me” ~Mr Rogers

  16. Would like to say “Thank You” to all the Parents who have taken time and effort to leave these kind words of encouragement and notes of appreciation for all of us at Greendale Secondary School! We are proud to be Team Greendale, and lets continue to partner one another to support the students in Greendale to Serve, Lead and Excel! 😊

  17. A very big thank you to all Teachers.. All the hard work, the care & concern.. The effort in nurturing these young ladies & man into a better person in future is very much appreciative.. HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY guys… U guys rockz!!!! 👍

  18. To the Teachers of GDSS, especially those that I had conversations with in regards to the well-being of my two Daughters, thank you so much for the precious effort, time, words of encouragement and sincerity in really wanting the latter to excel. It was a very welcomed collaboration and these reflect in the positive academic results of my Daughter. Kudos, job very well done indeed. Keep it up! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😊

  19. TO Ms Amy Ng.. thank you for leading a team of excellent teachers to care and teach our kids.

    TO all teachers of Greendale, thank you for your dedication and commitment to nurture our children especially in this difficult time. You are like a guiding light to them, ensuring they find the light of the tunnel before they fly high to do Greendale proud.

    TO all non teaching staff, aunties and uncles for ensuring a safe and clean environment for our children to be at. Always bring a BIG smile when at work and make our kids feel at home. deeply appreciated!

    Happy Teachers day to all and enjoy your day!

  20. To all Greendale Secondary School Teachers.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with our children. We hope someday our children will grow up to be just as educated and wise as you! Happy Teachers Day

  21. Dear teachers & Principal of GDSS
    A special day, a special YOU wishing the very BEST educators to continue the teaching spirit for our young learners. Keep going on the already GREAT efforts done so far.
    Happy Teacher’s Day 2020!

    Sincerely …. mom of Sec1 student

  22. Thank you to all the teachers in GDSS, especially those teaching class 4E for all the encouragements and patience with the kids.

    Happy Teacher’s Day 💐💐💐

  23. To all teachers of GDSS and especially Teachers of class 2D 😍

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with our kids. We hope someday our kids will grow up to be just as educated and wise as you! Happy teacher’s day! 😍😍

  24. To All GDSS Teachers,

    A big ❤️ & thank you for all your hardwork, dedication and patience in educating our children to become a role model of their generations!

    Have a wonderful Teacher’s Day!👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 your work is greatly appreciated!💕

  25. Wish all teachers & staff of GSS a very Happy Teachers Day. Particularly thanks to teachers of class S1-H for your love, care & encouragement to my girl Tian Yu. Thank you for being so good & so patient with her, its wonderful to see her coming home in a happy mood. Truly appreciate that, THANK YOU.

  26. To all the teachers, thank you for all Your hard work, patience and guidance!! Really appreciate! Have a blessed teacher’s day!

  27. Wishing Happy Teachers Day to all of you in Greendale Sec. Special mention to all special teachers who have helped in guiding Syauqii through his years there. I am blessed to have very very pleasant and patient teachers who helped me in my parenting as well. There are many for me to mention but you know who you are. This best wishes goes out to those who did not teach him as well like Ms Kerry Lim and Ms Ng (principal). Thank you for guiding Syauqii and always being there for him. I appreciate all of you. Thank you!

  28. Wishing Happy Teachers Day to all the teachers in Greendale!! Thank you for your patience, guidance and professionalism especially during the circuit breaker period. I really appreciate it!! Thank you for all your efforts and hardwork:) Have a blessed teachers day ♡

  29. Dear great educators,

    It is a real challenge handling the children. They are sometime disobedient and ungrateful. But they are the most lucky bunch as your patience and efforts in teaching our children will ultimately prepare them for the challenges in life. We are most grateful of your sacrifices and love for them, thank you.

  30. In any time, any situation, you are there. Your undertaking & commitment is the reason that the children grow well. Thanks
    for being the silver lining, you always warm the cockles of our hearts😁, Happy Teacher’s Day!

  31. Wishing all GDSS Teachers, “Happy Teacher’s Day!” Thank you for your care, concern and support always! Really appreciate for your effort and hard work. You have did a great job!!

  32. Dear GDSS Teachers & Staffs
    Thank you for your effort & dedication in inspiring & nurturing our young ones to be great individuals. You are awesome!!
    Happy Teachers Day!

  33. Happy teachers day to all the teachers and principal and to all the parents who have been teaching at home during the hbl at GDSS.. Though this year is a hard one to live in we lived in.. Dear GDSS members you have made it possible.. Thanks to each and every teacher, principal, staff.. Once again a big thanks..

  34. Dearest all GDSS Teachers

    for your guidance!
    for your time!
    for your patience!
    for being the best!
    for being an excellent educator!
    for everything!

    Happy Teachers Day!

  35. Thank you esteemed teachers for your sacrifices and dedications to your profession. Thank you for your patience and unseen contributions for the growth and wellbeing of your students. We know all too well as parents when we observed our kid’s changes for the better.

  36. A big thank you to all the teaching and non teaching staffs of Greendale Secondary School! I wish all the best for all the graduating classses too.. Hopefully we will all get through this pandemic grown with positivity!🥰😍🤩😘

  37. Many thanks for your hard work and support to our children. We know it’s a very challenging period and our children are not making it easier. But, your perseverance and sincerity touched my heart. Thanks again.

  38. I am glad that i have enrolled my son in GDSS.
    This is my son final year in GDSS. I have met many dedicated teachers( Mdm Goh, Ms Lee, Ms Chia, Mdm Lee, and many more).
    They have go through the extra mile for most of the students and try to bring out a better person of each kid.
    I am aware that Educator are going through a very tough time during this period. As parent, we appreciate what you have done for our child.

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

    Stay Safe and Stay United
    Warmest Regards

  39. A big thank you to Mrs Amy Ng, all teachers and staffs.
    Your commitment to doing what is best for our children even in the face of the coronavirus pandemic brings out the best in them and ignites their potential to help transform their tomorrow.

    Happy Teacher’s Day!


  41. Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers in Greendale!!!
    A great thank you to Mr halim, Ms Teow and Ms Lim!! Great paitent, passions, loving the children.
    I’m very happy that my son can enrolled in greendale. A great place for growing up journey. This is the place where I see great committement from the principle and teachers. A place where I know my son will be able to learn values from. Keep it up. Jia you!!
    Thank you!!

  42. Happy Teacher’s Day to all staff @ Greendale! To teachers of Sec 3B, thank you for making my child’s learning journey an interesting and enjoyable one. Really appreciate the extra after class hours committed to consultations before class assessments/examination. My child has definitely blossomed under your tutelage. Keep up the good work!

  43. Dear parents ,
    Thank you parents for your affirmation to us . Happy Teachers Day to you too. The Chinese has a saying “ Parents are children first Teachers .” So enjoy our special day together . Thank you for being with us in bringing out the best in our children. Special thanks to our dearest PSG especially our exco team lead by Alice and team . Thank you all for always supporting us in many many programmes, from Jogathon to nights study, snack time and many many more . Thank you for being with our children in good times and in bad times despite your busyness. Not easy , yet you all did it with so much love and fun . You all are the inspiration to me , for working towards being a great mum to my children at home and in school . Once again , thank you so much , my dear friends .

  44. Wishing all teachers a Happy Teachers’ Day! On this special day, I would like to thank you for all the efforts you have put in to make our children better persons in life.

  45. Happy Teachers’ Day! Thank you for your wonderful efforts to engage the kids and to show them the How-to & Can-do 😉

  46. Happy Teachers’ Day to all the diligent educators in Greendale Secondary School, especially having to teach with a mask on! Special thanks to Mrs Lau of Sec 2D who took the extra effort in conducting small group remedial. My girl’s math grade jumped from a failure grade to A and B all because of you! Thanks so much for your patience and dedication!

  47. Dear Teachers,

    We could never take for granted the hard work you do. We see it, and we appreciate it. Sending a little heartfelt appreciation your way today! Happy Teacher’s Day!

  48. Dear Teachers,

    Thank you for the patience and perseverance in nurturing the students. Have a wonderful teachers day 🙂

  49. A heartfelt thank you ❤️ to all the teachers who have dedicated their time , energy and love to educate and shape our children .
    Happy Teacher’s Day !!!

  50. Heart felt thank you to All teachers for your dedication in nurturing our children.
    Wish all the Teachers a Very Happy Teachers Day !!

  51. Thanks for the patience in caring, guiding and leading the students especially during this difficult time in history.
    Please rest well and takecare of your self and your loved ones.
    Heartfelt appreciation to all the staff 🤗

  52. I would like wish all the teachers at Greendale Sec., Happy Teachers’ Day🎉.

    Many heartfelt thanks to Madam Sabrina, Mr Seah, Mr Lim, Mr Lourdes, Mr Wee, Mr Andrew, Mr Colin Phee, Ms Una Hsu, Ms Chua…and many more.

    Thank you to Principal Ms Amy and Vice Mr Loh.

    Thank you Greendale Sec.

  53. My husband and I are immensely grateful to all the teachers in Greendale Sec especially Mrs. Chia, not forgetting Ms. Ng and Mr. Loh for all the support, efforts and patient towards my girl. HUGE THANK YOU for everything and wishing you a Happy Teachers’ Day! 💐

  54. Wishing all the wonderful teachers of Greendale Secondary a very Happy Teacher’s Day. Thank you for the effort you put to ensure every student is taken care of. As parents we are really happy that we chose to send our daughters to Greendale Sec.

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