About Greendale Parents Connexion

The Greendale Parents Connexion is an online platform specially set up to support the school’s effort in parent engagement and in forging a positive school-parent partnership. This engagement is anchored on the philosophy of the MOE’s Partnership Framework whereby school, home and community have a shared goal to create an environment that best supports the children’s learning and development based on TRUSTRESPECTCOURTESY and UNDERSTANDING.

The school will keep parents updated on the its development and broadcast news and information relevant to parents through the use this blog.

To achieve a positive school-parent partnership, we would appreciate that parents be supportive and observe the following guidelines when using this blog:

  • While the school welcomes feedback and comments, feedback and comments must be made in a respectful and civil manner. Comments that are vulgar, inflammatory, or threatening will not be tolerated. The school reserves the right to remove/block users whose comments that are not in line with the values of the MOE Partnership Framework i.e. TRUST, RESPECT, COURTESY and UNDERSTANDING.

  • Comments should be related to the topic posted. The blog is not meant for comments that do not directly relate to the topic. It should not be used as an avenue for complaints. The proper channel to raise any complaints is through the school’s General Office.


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