Secondary 4 Camp EXCEL

The Official School Update Blog-page of Secondary 4 Camp Excel!

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Day 1

4A3 attempting a jump-shot! One of the many tasks they had to complete in 20 minutes!
4A3 having a discussion before the game started. Not leaving anyone out!
Muhaini from 4E2 presenting in front of her class!
Students from 4E1 and 4E2 engaged in discussion, sharing different perspectives!
Team-building Energizer for the boys from 4E1!

Parents Appreciation Night

Day 2

Class 4E4 before the start of noMADic race
Class 4A3 getting ready for the noMADic race 2019
Class 4T1 listening intently to the instructions given by the coaches before the start of the noMADic race
Class 4A2 at one of the many checkpoints of the noMADic race
Class 4T1 at one of the checkpoints
Class 4T1 taking a class shot before the start of BBQ night
Class 4A2 found the checkpoint!
Class 4E1 at Terror Sea Scouts Campsite

Day 3

Mrs Sarah Soh, joining the students at Forest Adventure!
Students from 4E4 and 4A3 attending different levels of the high elements at Forest Adventure
Students from 4E4 and 4A3 having a fun time at Forest Adventure
Students from 4A2 at Forest Adventure
Joharie, 4A3 after completing an exhilarating zip line
Amir, 4A3, crawling his way through the tunnel in the air!
Students from 4A2 posing for a shot