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Day 1 – 6 March 2018

The weather this afternoon was really hot. To prevent dehydration, the students were asked to drink up and refill their bottles very frequently.

Drinking up due to the hot weather

Due to the lightning alert in the evening, the blind man trail activity was cancelled. Nonetheless, the students had fun today.

Day 1 of Camp LeAd was great! Looking forward to another fun-filled and learning-rich day tomorrow!

– Reported by: Mr Colin Phee, Mrs Chia Hui Hong & Mr Norman Loh (Camp Commandants)

Day 1 Highlights – 6 March 2018

Day 2 – 7 March 2018

Preliminary Report (Day 2 – Morning):

Day 2 started bright and sunny with all 16 groups going about their rotation activities. Bad weather, however, dampen the mood at mid day and groups were forced to seek shelter from the rain storm. Looking forward to better weather in the second half of the day till night for the planned night confidence walk.

Preliminary Report (Day 2 – After Lunch):

Weather did change for the better!

And we’re back in action!

Preliminary Report (Day 2 – Mid Afternoon):

Unfortunately, the rain resumed after a short respite in the afternoon. Water activities had to be shortened as a result. However, the students remained positive and high-spirited.

Praying hard for better weather tomorrow so that the students can thoroughly enjoy and benefit from the planned activities, and may we have a great campfire tomorrow night.

Preliminary Report (Day 2 – Evening):

Blind man’s trail. Where one who can see lead the rest who are blinded to cross paths and obstacles. Our first night activity after being blessed with good weather.

– Reported by: Mr Colin Phee, Mr Norman Loh & Mrs Chia Hui Hong (Camp Commandants)

Day 2 Highlights – 7 March 2018

Day 3 – 8 March 2018

Today marks the final activities day of Camp Lead. Although wet weather disrupt plans for early afternoon, groups went on with one final rotation activity ending their day activities on a high. Camp fire was a crazy gathering of high spirits topped with the polished cheers competition by every group performed by every camper. It was a befitting campfire led by very entertaining and professional hosts, who doubles up as trainer by day.

Blessed with an excellent clear night sky littered with stars, it was a surreal atmosphere as the build up of 3 days of pumped up adrenaline make way for a quiet night of sharing of appreciation. Students affirmed their fellow peers as well as the hard work of the trainers and the selfless sacrifices of their teachers, through their kind and generous words.

Letter of Gratitude from Students!

Truely, the camp has presented students with the platform to experienced a combination of the intended camp objectives, namely, becoming an effective communicator, learning to play the role of a responsible team player and developing that big heart to care for others.

– Reported by: Mr Colin Phee, Mr Norman Loh & Mrs Chia Hui Hong (Camp Commandants)

Day 3 Highlights – 8 March 2018

Day 4 (Final) – 9 March 2018

Sec 2 Camp Lead has come to an end, and the students have been safely dismissed from school.

Do remind your child to continue to drink and stay hydrated, and get some rest. They have been away from their electronic devices for these 4 days, so be mindful that they do not overindulge in it.

Also, they have their various homework to be done during the school holidays next week, so be sure to remind and check on them for it. 

– Reported by: Mr Colin Phee, Mr Norman Loh & Mrs Chia Hui Hong (Camp Commandants)