Value-Adding Results at GCE ‘N’ Level Examinations 2020!

We are pleased to share that the school has achieved overall value-added improvement in the GCE ‘N’ Level Examinations 2020!

Part of this year’s value-adding results in the N-Levels include the school’s core achievements in the EMB3 and EMB1 scores. And that’s not all: the number of our Normal-stream students qualifying across all eligibility programmes has increased!

96.1% (2019: 90.4%) of our 2020 Secondary 4 N(A) students are able to progress to Secondary 5 N(A) in 2021, 93.5% (2019: 82.6%) of them qualify for the Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP), and 29.9% (2019: 16.5%) eligible for the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP).

We wish all of our students the very best in the next phase of their education journey!

For more information on post-GCE ‘N’ Level 2020 matters, please refer to the following admin briefing slides.