Staff Happenings at Greendale

There has been a lot going on in Term 3 for Greendale Sec, especially with regard to its staff:

Education & Career Guidance (ECG) Counsellor

The Greendale Family is pleased to welcome our ECG Counsellor, Ms Corinne Tan.

With an ECG Counsellor in school, our students can now look forward to even better guidance and direction to explore their strengths and interests, in relation to their aspirations and the changing demands of the workforce. They will be better able to plan and make informed decisions for their education and career pathways in future.

In addition to providing individual and group counselling on career guidance to students, Ms Tan will also be working with our teachers and the school’s ECG Committee to provide ECG resources and to organise activities to create a holistic and meaningful ECG experience for our students. We welcome Ms Tan to our Greendale Family, and look forward to her contributions to the school!

InfoComm Technology (ICT) Manager

The Greendale Family would also like to welcome our ICT Manager, Mr Azlan Shah Rahman.

A former Teacher (AED T&L) with 6 years of experience, Mr Azlan will assist with plans to improve and implement effective ICT systems for Teaching and Learning (T&L) and school administrative system.

We gladly welcome Mr Azlan on board, and look forward to the various ICT works of the School in the pipeline!

– Reported by: Mrs Joyce Kong (School Staff Developer)

Achievements at Media Computing Competition 2017

The Media Computing (MEC) Competition is an annual competition that is organised by the Computer Education (CE) Unit, Curriculum Planning and Development Division. The objectives of the MEC Competition are to develop students’ interest in media design, and provide a platform to showcase students’ work.

Congratulations to Dany Zulhairie B Muhammad J (2T1), who won the Bronze Award in the Animation Category, and Jeremy Leong Kai Heng (3T1), who won the Gold Award in the Game Category!

Leveraging Technology for School Operations

The school implemented a Key Management Apps to manage the loan of keys. The system uses QR code to tag the key to the user. With the apps, the General Office is able to have an overview of the loan status. The system also sends SMS to remind users to return the key if key are not in by the stipulated time. 


Achievement at Cyberwellness Conference

On 28 July, student Sylvia Lee, Ally Wong, Nicholas Chan and Yeo Choy Tuang from Class 1E5 took part in Montfort Secondary School’s Cyberwellness Conference. The Montfort Secondary Cyberwellness Conference 2017 was organised by Montfort Secondary School in collaboration with King Maker Pte Ltd. The conference served as a platform for Cyberwellness ambassadors and student leaders to come together to share best practices and initiate collaboration to raise awareness on issues related to Cyberwellness.

The team came in third for the poster design segment! Well done and congratulation!!!