Happy Retirement to our EAS Staff!

Happy Retirement to our EAS staff, Mdm Tan Siew Eng (Technical Support Officer), who will be retiring in March this year. She joined MOE in 2002, and has served the School @GreendaleSec since 2008.

Retirement is when you stop living at work, and you start working at living!

We sincerely thank you, Mdm Tan, for your many years of service to our schools. You will be sorely missed!

– Reported by The School Leaders (Ms Amy Ng, Mr Joseph Peterson, & Mr Derek Lee)

Teachers’ Day 2017

The theme for this year’s Teachers’ Day Celebrations was Hollywood.

Our teachers have the talent, and were the Hollywood Stars of the day. It was definitely a day for students to express their gratitude to all teachers who shaped and nurtured them.

The first part of the celebrations was the ‘class party’, uniquely planned per each class, for their form teachers to show their appreciation.

After the class parties, teachers proceeded to the hall for a concert, filled with games and impressive performances by 1T1, 2E4 and the finalists of Greendale’s Got Talent.


A Time for Fun!

The Teachers’ Pledge

Thanks for being Awesome!