Malay Debate Competition – Bahas 4PM 2017

Three students, from Secondary 3 Express, participated and represented the School in a Debate Competition, organised by 4PM.

They participated in two sessions in the qualifying round.

The experience has given Amsyar Bin Azlan of Class 3E1, Nur Hefleyna Binte Mohd Fairuz and Nur Zakirah Bte Noor Azman of Class 3E4 confidence in public speaking.

Presenting… Our Speakers!

Preparation in Progress

Art Club / NE National Day Competition 2017

The theme for 2017 Art Club / NE National Day Competition 2017 was #onenationtogether.

Students, from Secondary 1 to Secondary 3, submitted their entries in either 2D or 3D.

The winners’ artworks were displayed at our Vanishing Trades Area (VTA) at Level 2, Outside the Main Staffroom. The competition was held for a month, prior to the School’s National Day 2017 celebrations.

Art Club teachers and students, together with the National Education (NE) department, made this competition a success!

Beautiful Entries

A Showcase of Artistic Talent

Looks Real… Makes You Wanna Eat It!


Kampong Fusion Cafe

It was a ‘delicious’ affair last Friday, 15 September 2017. And quite literally.

Led by Mdm Suriani and Mdm Gajae, the Class of 1T1 presented their Cafe Project, themed “Kampong Fusion Cafe”, to the Greendale Family. They had gone through a 10-Week programme on the project in Term 3 prior to it, to which they found the programme fruitful and engaging.

It was also a time where colleagues gather for a brief respite, away from their busy schedules, and are being treated to the sumptuous cuisine and service the students had put together.

Kampong Fusion Cafe Happenings on Vid!

1T1 in Action!

The DM and OM being Served Delicately

The kitchen was abuzzed with activity, with little rest in between for the busy bees. In spite of this, the spirit was high and overwhelming.

Behind the Scenes

The Energetic Kitchen Crew

And smiles were all around. Proof that the Greendale Family had a good time.

After a Glorious Feast… Thumbs Up!

Smile, You’re on Camera!

The cafe project was also a fund-raising project, to help the needy students of the school. Needless to say that the project, on the overall, was a success!

Till next year!

A Team Wins at Science & Technology Challenge 2017

Every year, hundreds of students from schools all over Singapore pit their skills against each other, in the Science & Technology Challenge (STC) organised by Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), School of Engineering.

We are happy to announce that one of our teams emerged as Champions in the Projectile Launcher Category of this year’s STC! The winning team comprised of Liew Yoon Qing (of 2E2), Koh Tze Rui (of 2E3), and Shermaine Yeoh (of 2E4), mentored by Mr Ong Choon Kiat (Science Department).

Well done GDLS!

Achievements at Media Computing Competition 2017

The Media Computing (MEC) Competition is an annual competition that is organised by the Computer Education (CE) Unit, Curriculum Planning and Development Division. The objectives of the MEC Competition are to develop students’ interest in media design, and provide a platform to showcase students’ work.

Congratulations to Dany Zulhairie B Muhammad J (2T1), who won the Bronze Award in the Animation Category, and Jeremy Leong Kai Heng (3T1), who won the Gold Award in the Game Category!

Inter-Class National Day Art Competition 2017

The school organised an inter-class art competition as part of National Day Celebration. The theme for the art competition was “#OneNationTogether”. Sharing with you the winning art pieces. Congratulation and well done!!!









Student Clinched Silver and Bronze Award at Draw My Stamp Competition

Art Club students participated in the Draw my stamp competition organised by Singapore Philatelic Museum in May 2017.  The school is proud to announce that participating students clinched a total of 2 silver awards and 3 bronze awards. 

The artworks of the 5 student’s would be on display at The Plaza, National Library from 18 August 2017 to 3rd September 2017. Here are the award recipients:

Silver Award (trophies and certificates)

  • Lim Zi Xin Shannon – Class 2E1
  • Dana Sunglao – Class 3A2

Bronze Award (certificates)

  • Siti Shofiyyah Bte Roseli – Class 2E3
  • Zhuang Xinru – Class 3E2
  • Lim Pei Chin- Class 3E3





Achievements at National Schools Literature Festival 2017

The school is proud to announce that Muhammad Rifdi from 1E2 and Chintakunta Shreya from 1E3 clinched the First and Third prize respectively in this year’s National Schools Literature Festival, Flash Fiction competition (Lower Secondary Category). This is indeed a remarkable achievement for the school. Only two entries were allowed per school and both entries from our school were selected to be in the top 3! The prize presentation was held in St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School on Saturday, 15 July.

Congratulations and well done !!!

These are the students’ stories:

His Skin isn’t Perfect

I don’t look good today. Maybe it’s the hair. Wait, no, maybe it’s the new pimples. I think it’s the mouth, it’s definitely too red. I think the moustache doesn’t look good on me. Honestly, I would prefer fairer skin. I don’t know, this man’s skin just doesn’t look good on me.

-Rifdi (1E2)

Night in the Woods

I felt, rather than saw, the hanging vines move but there was no wind. Startled, I pointed my flashlight towards the old, giant oak tree and saw it. I wondered what it was doing there—the dangling corpse of my wife whom I had brutally murdered not two hours ago at home.

-Shreya (1E3)

Winners of the Literature Fest

Greendale Secondary on German TV

German TV, Station ZDF, was @GreendaleSec on 28 Mar to film a documentary featuring the positive aspect of Singapore education system in both the academic and non-academic domains.

Greendale Secondary School was selected by the MOE, to showcase the school’s effort in promoting the joy of learning and acquisition of 21st Century Competencies (21CC) outside the classroom, through two of its key programmes:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Design, Technology & Engineering (DTE); and
  • Outdoor & Adventure Education (OAE), a signature programme under the school’s Learning-for-Life Programme (LLP)

It is with great pride that we share this short video clip with all of you:


Singapur ist PISA-Sieger. Kein Wunder, bei DEN Methoden:

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