Secondary 1 Orientation Week!

The Secondary 1 Students attended the Orientation Week organized by the Student Leadership Committee from 4 to 8 January 2021! The orientation serves as a platform for our newest batch of students to familiarize themselves with the school’s environment, as well as to get to know their Class Mentors better through various engagement sessions throughout the week.

Presenting the 2021 Secondary 1 Classes!

Activities Throughout the Week!

First Day of School@Greendale!

On 4 January 2021, we welcomed our new batch of Secondary 1 students in joining the Greendale Family! It was their first day of secondary school life, where they make new friends and meet their Class Mentors (CMs i.e. form teachers). The school organised several team bonding activities to provide opportunities for students to interact and get to know one another! Overall, it was a smooth start to our 15th anniversary year.

The students also received commemorative tokens as part of the celebration of Greendale’s 15th anniversary!

NPCC UOPA 2019 Gold Award

Our NPCC has achieved our 11th UOPA Gold Award for Assessment Year 2019, with the strong support from our Honorary Officers Haslam, the dedicated Cadet Inspectors, and our awesome team of school cadets!
It re-affirms the dedication and commitment demonstrated by Greendale’s students. They truly Serve, Lead & Excel!  We would like to extend our congratulations to them!

GDLSS Red Cross Youth Awarded Gold For Excellent Unit Award

Our GDL Red Cross Youth has been awarded Gold for Excellent Unit Award (EUA) for year of assessment 2019. This is the 10th consecutive year that the unit has achieved the Gold Award! Thank you for the hard and “heart” work! Congratulations to them!

Our Sec 4 cadets and their Youth Officer, Mr William Teng

We Can Make a Difference!

Greendale chooses to Be the Difference during this difficult time as the world and Singapore manages COVID-19 together.

Last week (Term 1 Week 6) our Sec 1s designed posters/comic strips: what we can do for our family during this period. Did they share these strips and posters with you at home?  Here are just some samples of the amazing work they did in class!

Our Sec 2s went a step further.  They chose to make a difference by showing appreciation to the school staff.  They wrote appreciate notes to School Leaders, teachers, operations staff and cleaners.  Here is a video of Mdm Wong receiving the notes from our Sec 2 students.

Thank You Sec 2 Students!

An appreciation note by Mdm Wong!

Posted by Official Greendale Secondary School on Monday, 17 February 2020

The Sec 3-5s created an impact beyond family and school.  They wrote appreciation notes to our frontline healthcare workers at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.  These notes were mailed out to them just in time for Valentine’s Day.  As a result, by Friday, 14 February 2020, the noticeboards of Tan Tock Seng were covered with the heartfelt notes from Greendale students.  We could tell the notes were well-received by the nurses because they sent a war, “Thank You” video!

From TTSH With Love!

A mass appreciation vid by TTSH staff!

Posted by Official Greendale Secondary School on Monday, 17 February 2020

Chinese New Year Celebrations!

We present you the video highlights of the school’s Chinese New Year Celebrations, which was held on last Friday, 24 January 2020, in school:

Chinese New Year Celebrations!

Chinese New Year Celebrations!

Posted by Official Greendale Secondary School on Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Hope you enjoyed viewing it!

Greendale SRCY PYA Recipient@Berita Harian!

We are pleased to share that our school’s Singapore Red Cross (Youth) (SRCY) Presidential Youth Award (PYA) Recipient was featured in the national malay newspapers, Berita Harian, on 31 October 2019 (Thursday)!

You may read the online version of the article by clicking here.

For the benefit of our non-malay readers, below is a translation of the article in english:

“Serving as a volunteer for the Red Cross sincerely, without expecting anything in return”

The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) celebrated its 70th anniversary this year. Throughout the year, volunteers have been the support of the organization in providing relief to the community, both in times of crisis such as national tragedies, and on ordinary days. Reporter NUR FATHIN AWALLUDIN ) tells the story of two SRC volunteers sharing their experiences. Follow the report.

WHEN the New World Hotel collapsed in 1986, every day for a week following the tragedy Mr Pungot S. was involved in helping the victims and their families.

In addition to providing emergency assistance, he and other Singapore Red Cross (SRC) officers also rushed to the mortuary at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), assisted in the tracking service to try locate those who were reported missing and help soothe family members.

With very little sleep and the emotional challenges of having to deal with affected family members, fatigue sets in and was surely felt.

However, for 71-year-old Mr Pungot, it was not a hindrance for him to do his job.

“In the past, when things happened, it happened. We were fully prepared to do the work, our thoughts foremost were to help,” he said when met at the Red Cross House (HQ) at Penang Lane.

He joined the SRC since Secondary One in 1962 and has been involved in community work at the national level.

These include operations such as the MH653 plane crash in 1977.

He was also involved in ambulance services provided by the SRC in the 1960s.

Sharing more, Mr Pungot said:

“In the past, we supported ambulance services in Singapore because at the time there were not many hospitals that had private ambulances.

“So from 7pm to 7am we will be on standby. Some of us work (at our full-time jobs during the day), so after work we will come here (at HQ), sleep here, and we returned to work (at our jobs the next day).”

In volunteering with the SRC, he has never received a single cent.

In fact, monetary rewards was the last thing in Mr Pungot’s mind for volunteering his services to those who is need.

“We never thought about getting paid or being recognized, we never thought about it – we simply just do our best in helping people.

“When we do charity, let us not expect anything in return. The heart must be sincere,” he said frankly.

Nodding as she listened to the former’s advice was a young woman, 16-year-old Nuha Sabrina S., who is also a member of the SRC.

A Secondary Four student at Greendale Secondary School, she was a recipient of this year’s SRC Presidential Youth Award.

The award was given to the outstanding cadets in recognition of their contributions and exemplary achievements in their service to the SRC.

Since joining the SRCY in secondary school, Nuha Sabrina said her interest in helping others grow, and she intends to explore opportunities in the field of medicine in future.

National Inter-School Team Chess Championships!

We are pleased to announce that the school now have a Chess Club for our students, under the Library CCA. We met for chess practice and study after-school on Tuesdays and Fridays for the last 3 months, to prepare for the 60th National Inter-School Team Chess Championships.

It was held at Rulang Primary School on 10 September 2019 (Tuesday). We were two out of thirty-three teams who had registered for the Under-14 Open section.  We knew that there would be many experienced chess players in the competition and were prepared for tough games ahead.

Each team consisted of 4 players, and at the end of 6 rounds the team with the most points wins the championships. Every win is a point and a draw is half a point. In the opening round, Team 1 was pitted against Hwa Chong and Team 2 against Raffles Team 1. They were the top rated teams and both our teams gave them a good fight, but we weren’t able to secure any points.

After 5 rounds both our teams picked up 6.5 points, and ended up playing against each other in the final round. Team 1 beat Team 2 three games to one and captured the Bronze Zonal (North) Prize!

We played against some of the best Under-14 chess players in Singapore and know we can give them a good game. We certainly enjoyed ourselves, learnt a lot and look forward to being more competitive at the National Individual Inter-School Chess Championships in March 2020. The detailed results of the championships are available in the Singapore Chess Federation website.

– Mr Quek S S (Teacher, EL Department)

SIT-Greendale Community Challenge!

One of the strategic initiatives’ goals of the school’s applied learning programme (ALP) is to bring about the “joy of learning” and engage the students’ understanding of a subject matter more effectively. Hence, by adopting “The Maker Education Mindset”, which is closely associated with science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) learning, we hope to bring leverage on the initiative’s goal and to provide the applied learning opportunities and experiences to students where possible.

An activity that revolves around the Makers’ Mindset is the SIT – Greendale Community Challenge. Involving the Secondary 2 cohort, the students are given the opportunity to visit the various host community organisations, attend design-thinking workshops organised by the SIT, and to research, design and create practical solutions to real-life aid technological problems faced in the welfare-community homes.

There were quite a number of entries submitted. But only 11 teams were shortlisted and made it to the finals of the Challenge. For these teams, as part of the Challenge they attended The Makers’ Workshop conducted by the SIT.

At the finals, the teams presented their ideas to a panel of judges. And here we present the top 3 winners of the Challenge:

It is worth to note that the winning ideas would be adopted for implementation for the welfare-community homes’ usage in future. In tandem with the school’s theme for this year: Maker Empowerment, Thinking Tinkering.

Toy Design Competition 2019!

Robotics@Greendale sent in 3 entries by our Secondary 1 students for this year’s Toy Design Competition (TDC) organised by Singapore Polytechnic.

We are pleased to share that two of their TDC entries were awarded the Merit and Commendation Awards!

  • Merit Award – Gonzales Zach & Mingyang (1E2)
  • Commendation Award – Dave Matthew (1E5)

Congratulations Robotics@Greendale!

Singapore-Brunei Twinning Programme 2019!

The school hosted students and teachers of Pengiran Anak Puteri Hajah Rashidah Sa’adatul Bolkiah Secondary School, Brunei Darussalam, for the annual twinning programme between the two schools on 26 – 30 August 2019.

The Bruneians had an enriching learning experience during their visit here in Singapore! One of the teachers quoted that they were delighted with the school’s “warm welcome, hospitality and kindness” throughout their stay.

Here are some photos taken from the twinning programme. We hope you enjoy viewing them!

An Evening with Greendale Orchestra!

One of our Performing Arts CCA, Greendale Orchestra, put up a 30-minute performance at the Oasis Terraces Community Plaza on Saturday, 31 August 2019. The initiative is part of the CCA’s Values-in-Action (VIA) programme. It was well received by the public!

We present you the photo highlights of last Saturday’s evening with Greendale Orchestra:

Hope you enjoyed viewing it!

SkillsCraft Youth Makers Programme!

A programme in partnership with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), SkillsCraft aims to inspire students and spark their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and participate in meaningful STEM activities and projects that contribute to the community!

16 students were selected to attend the programme’s 3D Printing Workshop and DIY Hacks (Household) Workshop held at the SIT MakerSpace at Punggol 21CC and, the Design Thinking Workshop held at Greendale Secondary School.

@ Punggol 21CC
@ Punggol 21CC
@ Greendale Secondary School

The future is bright for these geniuses and philantrepreneurs!

IDE Series 2019!

The Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDE) Series is a national technology and engineering event, which Greendale Secondary School participated recently.

There are 2 categories under the IDE Series: the Arduino Maker and IDE Challenge.

Under the Arduino Maker category, students need to use Arduino micro controller technology to come up with projects to solve problems faced by the elderly, showcase their idea through a video, a working prototype and a presentation to the judges.

Whereas in the IDE Challenge category for this year’s event, students have to build a glider to be released from a predetermined height, a landing pad to prevent eggs from breaking when dropped from a certain height and a height to withstand weight of drink cans loaded on it.

We are pleased to share that our students Jackie, Danial Haziq and Shreeya were awarded the Engineering Award in the Arduino Maker Category!

Engineering Awardees: Arduino Maker Category (IDE Series 2019)

In the IDE Challenge Category, Subbayan, Moliparambil and Yi Jie were awarded the Design Award!

Design Awardees: IDE Challenge Category (IDE Series 2019)


SYF Celebrations Play!

Following the SYF Arts Presentation, 8 of our Theatricks! CCA students participated in the SYF Celebrations (Play!) on 5 July 2019 at The Arena @ Our Tampines Hub. This showcase provided the students a platform to explore creativity in drama through devising an original play.

The team garnered positive responses from the panel of adjudicators, who particularly enjoyed the humour and the synergy of the ensemble in the performance.

Inter-School Handball Competition!

A group of Secondary 2 boys signed up and participated in the C Division Inter-School Team Handball Competition on 13 July 2019.

It was great to see the team playing hard and putting up a strong fighting spirit up against the other schools’ CCA Teams! The team managed to emerge as the 1st Runners’ up eventually! As the team only had one month of training on top of the skills learnt in PE lessons, it was definitely not an easy feat!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the school for believing in us and allowing us to take part in this competition! And special thanks to the coaches who volunteered their time to be with us. Thank you everyone for your support!

– Reported by Qi Xuan (2E4)