SYF Celebrations Play!

Following the SYF Arts Presentation, 8 of our Theatricks! CCA students participated in the SYF Celebrations (Play!) on 5 July 2019 at The Arena @ Our Tampines Hub. This showcase provided the students a platform to explore creativity in drama through devising an original play.

The team garnered positive responses from the panel of adjudicators, who particularly enjoyed the humour and the synergy of the ensemble in the performance.

Inter-School Handball Competition!

A group of Secondary 2 boys signed up and participated in the C Division Inter-School Team Handball Competition on 13 July 2019.

It was great to see the team playing hard and putting up a strong fighting spirit up against the other schools’ CCA Teams! The team managed to emerge as the 1st Runners’ up eventually! As the team only had one month of training on top of the skills learnt in PE lessons, it was definitely not an easy feat!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the school for believing in us and allowing us to take part in this competition! And special thanks to the coaches who volunteered their time to be with us. Thank you everyone for your support!

– Reported by Qi Xuan (2E4)

National Orienteering Race (Schools) 2019!

On 13 July 2019, 22 of our Outdoor Adventure Club (ODAC) students participated in the annual National Orienteering Race (Schools) held at Singapore Polytechnic.

We are proud to share that six of them managed to clinch awards!

1st Position (B Division Girls)
1. Farhanah (3E4)
2. Humairah (3E4)

1st Position (B Division Boys)
1. Alim (3E2)
2. Kristophe (3T1)

3rd Position (B Division Boys)
1. Razeem (3E5)
2. Anzer (3E2)

Congratulations! If you happened to teach or bump into these students in school, do extend your congratulations to them!

Sea Expedition 2019!

On 13 and 14 July 2019, Greendale Secondary’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP) Committee led a group of various CCA students and teachers on an expedition at sea! This would be the third time running ever since its inception in 2017.

Starting from Sembawang to Pasir Ris on the first day, then followed by from Pasir Ris to Punggol on the 14th, the expedition went well with no major hiccups.

Till next year’s expedition!

National Schools Literature Festival 2019!

Greendale Secondary School participated in the National Schools Literature Festival 2019.  Two of our students won the Lower Secondary Category of the Flash Fiction Competition and they are:

  • Jeanna (1E3) – National 5th Position
  • Ro En (2E5) – National 10th Position

This is the third consecutive year that the school has won in this keenly contested category. Congratulations to our budding writers!

Here are their winning entries:

Mirror, mirror on the wall!  (by Jeanna)

Friday, 22nd October.

The house was empty. The entire town experienced blackout and the only light source was the moon that casted an eerie shadow.


The sound of the clock echoed throughout the room. I stared at the ceiling, unable to sleep. Even at this hour, there were children running on the streets, outside.


Annoyance grew in me as the children threw stones at the window. I stood up and marched over to the window, flinging it open to yell at them.

There was nobody in sight.


I heard it again. But this time, from the mirror.

Marriages don’t end in heaven (by Ro En)

Today, is the day I had highly anticipated. I was going to reunite with my beloved husband. I woke up in bliss as I nimbly walked over to put on the dazzling black dress that I had bought just for this day. I winged my eyeliner and slipped into my stilettoes. I could not contain my excitement. I want to wipe those tears away. I want all of our misery to end today and for all the bitter days to vanish. I then made way down. The gates have finally opened. It is the first day of the seventh month.

Outdoor Fitness Stations!

The school installed a new set of outdoor fitness equipment at the open court near the Indoor Sports Hall. The addition of this facility is aimed at promoting health and fitness, and encourage students to adopt a more active lifestyle.

A video on the proper use of the outdoor fitness stations, produced by our very own Greendale Broadcasting Club and endorsed by the supplier, was shown to the students during the morning assembly on 17 April 2019 (Wednesday). The Head of Department for PE, Mr Colin Phee, also went through with the students on its proper use:

The outdoor fitness stations at the Indoor Sports Hall open court is opened to all students on 22 April 2019 (Monday).

– Mr Derek Lee (Vice-Principal, Administration)

Singapore Youth Festival 2019!

The SYF 2019 Arts Presentation officially begins this week! Here’s our Greendale Orchestra performing at the Singapore Conference Hall.

We beam with pride as we see the students learn and grow together as an orchestra under the baton of conductor, Mr Goh Wei Hong
A big THANK YOU to the teachers and parents for your support!
Our Principal, Ms Amy Ng, with Parent-Supporters at Singapore Conference Hall

– Mrs Serene Lin-Ang (HOD Aesthetics & Innovation)

Fire & Evacuation Drill

On 12 February 2019, Greendale Secondary School conducted a fire drill exercise. This is to prepare the school for an emergency that may arise.

The drill went smoothly with no hic-cups in between. It was executed at 8.30 AM and ended 8.50 AM, two “casualties” were planted but were recovered by the search team within the stipulated time. The whole school population managed to assemble at the designated Assembly Area within 6 mins.

With the whole school population accounted for, the whole level of Secondary 1s then move from Greendale Secondary School to Punggol Secondary School, which is the school’s External Holding Area (EHA). The aim is to familiarise the students with the route and the designated EHA during an emergency. Road marshals were assigned to facilitate the student’s crossing.  Once the students arrived at the EHA and were accounted for, bottled water was given out to them so as to ensure that the students were properly hydrated and ready for their walk back to Greendale Secondary School.

In short, the exercise was conducted with zero casualties and with assurance that both the students and staff are always prepared for this type of contingency.  Kudos to the whole school population for reaching this level of readiness.

– Mr Mohd Ariff Abdul Aziz, Operations Manager

Yet Another Value-Added Improvement at GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations 2018!

We are pleased to share that the school @GreendaleSec has achieved yet another value-added improvement in last year’s GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations, as compared to 2017 and 2016!

80.7% of our Secondary 4 E students are qualified for the Junior College/ Millennia Institute (JC/ MI) track in 2019, as compared to 76.8% (2017) and 75.6% (2016), while 95.0% of them qualified for the Polytechnic track in 2019, as compared to 92.9% (2017) and 92.4% (2016).

As for our Secondary 5 N(A) students, they faired well too! With 24.3% of them qualified for the JC/ MI track in 2019, as compared to 23.1% (2017), while 83.8% of them qualified for the Polytechnic track in 2019, as compared to 71.8% (2017) and 70.8% (2016).

We wish them all the best!

For more information on post-GCE ‘O’ Level matters, please click here.

Record-Breaking Results at GCE ‘N’ Level Examinations 2018!

We are pleased to share that the school @GreendaleSec has achieved a record-breaking, value-added improvement in this year’s GCE ‘N’ Level Examinations, as compared to 2017 and 2016!

92.3% of our Secondary 4 N(A) students are qualified to take the GCE ‘O’ Level Programme under Secondary 5 N(A) in 2019, as compared to 83.5% (2017) and 77.1% (2016); 29.5% of them qualified for the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP), as compared to 17.3% (2017) and 6.8% (2016), and 89.7% of the Normal-stream students in general qualified for the Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP), as compared to 79.5% (2017) and 67.8% (2016).

We wish them all the best!

For more information on post-GCE ‘N’ Level matters, please click here.