Secondary 1 Orientation Week!

The Secondary 1 Students attended the Orientation Week organized by the Student Leadership Committee from 4 to 8 January 2021! The orientation serves as a platform for our newest batch of students to familiarize themselves with the school’s environment, as well as to get to know their Class Mentors better through various engagement sessions throughout the week.

Presenting the 2021 Secondary 1 Classes!

Activities Throughout the Week!

Value-adding Results at GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations 2020!

We are pleased to share that Greendale Secondary has achieved value-adding results in the GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations 2020!

77.2% of our Secondary 4 E students are qualified for the Junior College/ Millennia Institute (JC/ MI) track in 2020, while 95.4% of them qualified for the Polytechnic track.

Our Secondary 5 N(A) students, they did fine too! With 37% of them qualified for the JC/ MI track in 2020, while 69.6% of them qualified for the Polytechnic track.

We wish them all the best!

For more information on post-GCE ‘O’ Level matters, please click here.

First Day of School@Greendale!

On 4 January 2021, we welcomed our new batch of Secondary 1 students in joining the Greendale Family! It was their first day of secondary school life, where they make new friends and meet their Class Mentors (CMs i.e. form teachers). The school organised several team bonding activities to provide opportunities for students to interact and get to know one another! Overall, it was a smooth start to our 15th anniversary year.

The students also received commemorative tokens as part of the celebration of Greendale’s 15th anniversary!

Value-Adding Results at GCE ‘N’ Level Examinations 2020!

We are pleased to share that the school has achieved overall value-added improvement in the GCE ‘N’ Level Examinations 2020!

Part of this year’s value-adding results in the N-Levels include the school’s core achievements in the EMB3 and EMB1 scores. And that’s not all: the number of our Normal-stream students qualifying across all eligibility programmes has increased!

96.1% (2019: 90.4%) of our 2020 Secondary 4 N(A) students are able to progress to Secondary 5 N(A) in 2021, 93.5% (2019: 82.6%) of them qualify for the Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP), and 29.9% (2019: 16.5%) eligible for the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP).

We wish all of our students the very best in the next phase of their education journey!

For more information on post-GCE ‘N’ Level 2020 matters, please refer to the following admin briefing slides.

Greenwave Environmental Care Competition

A team of students participated in the Greenwave Environment Care Competition 2019 with their ‘Eco-Parfum’ project. They chose to work on food waste management and used food waste such as lemon and orange rinds as well as rosemary twigs to make an eco-friendly perfume. The team was awarded the ‘Commendation Award’ and the presenter, Randal, was also awarded the ‘Good Presenter’ Award.

The award ceremony was cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation and the awards were presented to the team in school this month.

The team are:

  • Ng Jun Hao (2019 2E2)
  • Randal Tan Bing Sheng (2019 2E2)
  • Hema Harine Nandagopal (2019 2E3)
  • Dorathy Chan Jing Wen (2E3)
  • Su Myat Noe (2019 2E3)

The team would like to thank their teacher mentors, Ms Una Hsu and Mr William Teng, the science laboratory staff as well as others who have supported them.

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Programme 2020

Our school has embarked in the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Programme, a funded programme designed to activate the entrepreneurial mindset and build business skills in youth. NFTE’s innovative, hands-on curriculum allows youth to learn entrepreneurial skills and attitudes through activities such as opportunity recognition and market research.

The 60-hour NFTE programme culminates in NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (NYEC) where the top 3 students from each participating school will be pitching their business ideas to a panel of esteemed judges from various industries.

The following students stood out in the competitive presentation to clinch the top three positions:

Winner:Chong Jia En
1st Runner-up:Tan Yu Jing
2nd Runner-up: Nuha Sophia Binte Erman Fazly

They will be representing our school in pitching their business proposals against the winners from seventeen participating schools in Singapore to vie for the overall winner in winning a sponsored trip to USA.

Our Best Wishes to them!

Unveiling of Greendale Secondary 15th Anniversary Logo

The school will be celebrating its 15th Anniversary in 2021. In commemoration of this milestone celebration, the school organized a Greendale Secondary 15th Anniversary Logo Design Competition in April 2020. The design of the winning entries were incorporated in the design development the final logo.

The Greendale Secondary 15th Anniversary logo was unveiled on 7 Aug as part of National Day Celebration. Here is the logo and its significance.

Congratulations to Ms Tng Wee Li

Greendale Secondary would like to congratulate Ms Tng Wee Li for receiving the Commendation Medal of the National Day Award 2020.

Ms Tng has served and led with great heart and passion. It is the school’s honour to work alongside her.

Thank you Ms Tng for reaching out to many Greendale students, as well as leading teams of teachers and colleagues to develop a culture of care, learning and excellence.

Be the Difference in Time of Adversity

Greendale Secondary is proud of Beatrice Wong, a secondary 4 student, and her family for responding to nationwide movement to sew masks for fellow Singaporeans.

Beatrice and her brother Adriel,  under the guidance of their mother, starting sewing masks not long after the onset of COVID-19 to donate to those who need them. Beatrice does most of the sewing and Adriel helps with the measuring and cutting.

The school is proud of our student and her family for Being the Difference in time of Adversity.

Here is the article published in The Straits Times on 9 Apr 2020.

SPF–NPCC Badge 2020 Award

Our NPCC team would like to take the chance to share with everyone a piece of good news!

Chintakunta Shreya from Class 4A has been awarded the most prestigious      SPF-NPCC badge for this year’s selection! The objective of awarding SPF-NPCC Badge to cadets is to identify and recognise outstanding cadets with good leadership qualities.

We would like to extend our congratulations to her for her achievement!

NPCC UOPA 2019 Gold Award

Our NPCC has achieved our 11th UOPA Gold Award for Assessment Year 2019, with the strong support from our Honorary Officers Haslam, the dedicated Cadet Inspectors, and our awesome team of school cadets!
It re-affirms the dedication and commitment demonstrated by Greendale’s students. They truly Serve, Lead & Excel!  We would like to extend our congratulations to them!

GDLSS Red Cross Youth Awarded Gold For Excellent Unit Award

Our GDL Red Cross Youth has been awarded Gold for Excellent Unit Award (EUA) for year of assessment 2019. This is the 10th consecutive year that the unit has achieved the Gold Award! Thank you for the hard and “heart” work! Congratulations to them!

Our Sec 4 cadets and their Youth Officer, Mr William Teng

Greendale Secondary SAC Member Daren Tang Set to Head UN WIPO

Greendale Secondary congratulates Mr Daren Tang for being the first Singaporean to be designated the Director-General of the United Nations’ World Intellectual Property Organisation (UN WIPO). We are also proud to share that Mr Tang is a member of the school’s School Advisory Committee (SAC).

The school wishes him the very best in his new posting. And we thank him for flying the Singapore flag high!

Greendale Secondary Congratulates Alumni from Class of 2017!

Greendale Secondary congratulates Greendale alumnus Wang Haiyi (Class of 2017, 4E1) for her stellar performance at the 2019 GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations. Haiyi attained a H3 Distinction in Science Research, and Grade As for 4 H2 Subjects. She has also attained the A*STAR scholarship.  Haiyi, who joined Greendale Secondary in 2015 at Secondary 2, subsequently enrolled into National Junior College via DSA. Haiyi expressed her heartfelt appreciation to Greendale teachers for their guidance and support, and she particularly reached out to Mr Darius Tan (Head of Department, Math) when she received her results.

The school also received affirmation from the mother of alumnus Samuel (Class of 2017, 4E1), attributing Samuel’s good performance to the inspiring and hardworking teachers and the school’s caring culture. Samuel attained Grades A and B for his H1 and H2 subjects for his GCE ‘A’ level exams. His younger brother, from Class of 2019, 4E1, also did well in the 2019 GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations with a nett score of 6. Here’s the affirmation from the mother of alumni Samuel and his brother :

“… Teachers in Greendale Sec have made such an impact on both my boys’ secondary school lives and Sam is thinking of applying to NIE too. Sam is an example of how Greendale Sec has groomed students with a PSLE score of 185. Greendale Sec teachers are the best in Singapore! My boys have no tuition and their good results are all Greendale Sec teachers’ hard work. I can testify to that. The caring culture at Greendale Sec is second to none. … teachers in Greendale Sec are gems … I can’t thank all teachers in one note. So many and I haven’t even shared about my second son’s teachers.”

We wish all our Alumni the very best in their education pursuit and as a school, we will continue to SERVE, LEAD and EXCEL.

We Can Make a Difference!

Greendale chooses to Be the Difference during this difficult time as the world and Singapore manages COVID-19 together.

Last week (Term 1 Week 6) our Sec 1s designed posters/comic strips: what we can do for our family during this period. Did they share these strips and posters with you at home?  Here are just some samples of the amazing work they did in class!

Our Sec 2s went a step further.  They chose to make a difference by showing appreciation to the school staff.  They wrote appreciate notes to School Leaders, teachers, operations staff and cleaners.  Here is a video of Mdm Wong receiving the notes from our Sec 2 students.

Thank You Sec 2 Students!

An appreciation note by Mdm Wong!

Posted by Official Greendale Secondary School on Monday, 17 February 2020

The Sec 3-5s created an impact beyond family and school.  They wrote appreciation notes to our frontline healthcare workers at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.  These notes were mailed out to them just in time for Valentine’s Day.  As a result, by Friday, 14 February 2020, the noticeboards of Tan Tock Seng were covered with the heartfelt notes from Greendale students.  We could tell the notes were well-received by the nurses because they sent a war, “Thank You” video!

From TTSH With Love!

A mass appreciation vid by TTSH staff!

Posted by Official Greendale Secondary School on Monday, 17 February 2020