Emergency Preparedness Exercise – Evacuation to External Holding Area

The school conducted a fire drill on Tue, 29 Aug to familiarise staff and students with the evacuation procedure in the event of a fire outbreak. Students, staff and even school-based service providers responded to the alarm and evacuated via the designated routes to the assembly area in orderly manner. 

Students of Secondary 1 were also introduced to the drill to evacuate to an external holding (EHA) area, which is located approximately 500m away from the school. This exercise prepares students for school emergency that renders the school unsafe for staff and students and, hence, the need to vacate the school premises. 

Movement to External Holding Area

Parenting Talk – How to Raise Confident Youth

The school’s PSG organised a parenting talk on How to Raise Confident Youth, on Saturday, 26 Aug. The talk was conducted by Mr Nicholas Choo, an experienced and MSF accredited trainer in the area of family and parenting. 

At the talk, Mr Choo provided practical tips on how to nurture confident teen. He emphasised that every child is uniquely different and has his/her own perspectives and the role parents is to promote positive self-esteem in their child.

The school would like to thank parents who attended the talk and for supporting programme organised by PSG.

Leveraging Technology for School Operations

The school implemented a Key Management Apps to manage the loan of keys. The system uses QR code to tag the key to the user. With the apps, the General Office is able to have an overview of the loan status. The system also sends SMS to remind users to return the key if key are not in by the stipulated time. 


Inter-Class National Day Art Competition 2017

The school organised an inter-class art competition as part of National Day Celebration. The theme for the art competition was “#OneNationTogether”. Sharing with you the winning art pieces. Congratulation and well done!!!









Greendale Sec NCC & NPCC Shine at Punggol North National Day Observance Ceremony 2017

Greendale Secondary NCC and NPCC participated in the Punggol North National Day Observance Ceremony on 9 Aug 2017. The 36-member strong contingent, in their ceremonial No 1 uniform, formed main parade contingent of the ceremony. All eyes were on the cadets as they stood tall and proud on hard court of the Social Innovation Park to welcome the arrival of the reviewing officer, Mr Ng Chee Meng, Minister for Education, Second Minister for Transport, Advisors to Pasir-Ris Punggol GROs cum MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC. 

The drills were flawlessly executed throughout the ceremony under the command of their parade commander. Their sharp and well-synchronised movement impressed the spectators and made the entire parade looked like a mini NDP. 

The cadets truly did the school proud on our Nation’s 52nd Birthday. Go Greendale!!!

Here is the post on Minister Ng’s Facebook and highlights of the observance ceremony:

Minister Ng’s Facebook Post

Before the ceremony


The ceremony





Achievement at Cyberwellness Conference

On 28 July, student Sylvia Lee, Ally Wong, Nicholas Chan and Yeo Choy Tuang from Class 1E5 took part in Montfort Secondary School’s Cyberwellness Conference. The Montfort Secondary Cyberwellness Conference 2017 was organised by Montfort Secondary School in collaboration with King Maker Pte Ltd. The conference served as a platform for Cyberwellness ambassadors and student leaders to come together to share best practices and initiate collaboration to raise awareness on issues related to Cyberwellness.

The team came in third for the poster design segment! Well done and congratulation!!!

Student Clinched Silver and Bronze Award at Draw My Stamp Competition

Art Club students participated in the Draw my stamp competition organised by Singapore Philatelic Museum in May 2017.  The school is proud to announce that participating students clinched a total of 2 silver awards and 3 bronze awards. 

The artworks of the 5 student’s would be on display at The Plaza, National Library from 18 August 2017 to 3rd September 2017. Here are the award recipients:

Silver Award (trophies and certificates)

  • Lim Zi Xin Shannon – Class 2E1
  • Dana Sunglao – Class 3A2

Bronze Award (certificates)

  • Siti Shofiyyah Bte Roseli – Class 2E3
  • Zhuang Xinru – Class 3E2
  • Lim Pei Chin- Class 3E3





Achievements at National Schools Literature Festival 2017

The school is proud to announce that Muhammad Rifdi from 1E2 and Chintakunta Shreya from 1E3 clinched the First and Third prize respectively in this year’s National Schools Literature Festival, Flash Fiction competition (Lower Secondary Category). This is indeed a remarkable achievement for the school. Only two entries were allowed per school and both entries from our school were selected to be in the top 3! The prize presentation was held in St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School on Saturday, 15 July.

Congratulations and well done !!!

These are the students’ stories:

His Skin isn’t Perfect

I don’t look good today. Maybe it’s the hair. Wait, no, maybe it’s the new pimples. I think it’s the mouth, it’s definitely too red. I think the moustache doesn’t look good on me. Honestly, I would prefer fairer skin. I don’t know, this man’s skin just doesn’t look good on me.

-Rifdi (1E2)

Night in the Woods

I felt, rather than saw, the hanging vines move but there was no wind. Startled, I pointed my flashlight towards the old, giant oak tree and saw it. I wondered what it was doing there—the dangling corpse of my wife whom I had brutally murdered not two hours ago at home.

-Shreya (1E3)

Winners of the Literature Fest

Greendale Secondary on German TV

German TV, Station ZDF, was @GreendaleSec on 28 Mar to film a documentary featuring the positive aspect of Singapore education system in both the academic and non-academic domains.

Greendale Secondary School was selected by the MOE, to showcase the school’s effort in promoting the joy of learning and acquisition of 21st Century Competencies (21CC) outside the classroom, through two of its key programmes:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Design, Technology & Engineering (DTE); and
  • Outdoor & Adventure Education (OAE), a signature programme under the school’s Learning-for-Life Programme (LLP)

It is with great pride that we share this short video clip with all of you:


Singapur ist PISA-Sieger. Kein Wunder, bei DEN Methoden:

Posted by ZDF heuteplus on Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Greendale Red Cross Cadet Conferred the 2017 Red Cross President Youth Award

Student Sherlyn Lee was one of the 4 proud recipients of the 2017 Red Cross President Youth Award. Sherlyn received the prestigious award from President Tony Tan Keng Yam at the award ceremony held on 25 July. Sherlyn Lee, a Warrant Officer in the school’s Red Cross Unit, impressed her peers with her leadership skills as the Chairperson of the unit and helmed many unit activities. Sherlyn also volunteered her services in school and the community. Congratulation for doing the school proud!

Construction of Indoor Sports Hall

The construction of the school’s long-awaited indoor sports hall (ISH) has finally begun. The two-storey building with eco-friendly fixtures will house a basketball court on level 1 and an indoor multipurpose court on level 2. These new facilities will provide additional spaces for PE and CCAs. The construction of ISH project is expected to complete towards the end of 2018.