Greenwave Environmental Care Competition

A team of students participated in the Greenwave Environment Care Competition 2019 with their ‘Eco-Parfum’ project. They chose to work on food waste management and used food waste such as lemon and orange rinds as well as rosemary twigs to make an eco-friendly perfume. The team was awarded the ‘Commendation Award’ and the presenter, Randal, was also awarded the ‘Good Presenter’ Award.

The award ceremony was cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation and the awards were presented to the team in school this month.

The team are:

  • Ng Jun Hao (2019 2E2)
  • Randal Tan Bing Sheng (2019 2E2)
  • Hema Harine Nandagopal (2019 2E3)
  • Dorathy Chan Jing Wen (2E3)
  • Su Myat Noe (2019 2E3)

The team would like to thank their teacher mentors, Ms Una Hsu and Mr William Teng, the science laboratory staff as well as others who have supported them.