Greendale SRCY PYA Recipient@Berita Harian!

We are pleased to share that our school’s Singapore Red Cross (Youth) (SRCY) Presidential Youth Award (PYA) Recipient was featured in the national malay newspapers, Berita Harian, on 31 October 2019 (Thursday)!

You may read the online version of the article by clicking here.

For the benefit of our non-malay readers, below is a translation of the article in english:

“Serving as a volunteer for the Red Cross sincerely, without expecting anything in return”

The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) celebrated its 70th anniversary this year. Throughout the year, volunteers have been the support of the organization in providing relief to the community, both in times of crisis such as national tragedies, and on ordinary days. Reporter NUR FATHIN AWALLUDIN ) tells the story of two SRC volunteers sharing their experiences. Follow the report.

WHEN the New World Hotel collapsed in 1986, every day for a week following the tragedy Mr Pungot S. was involved in helping the victims and their families.

In addition to providing emergency assistance, he and other Singapore Red Cross (SRC) officers also rushed to the mortuary at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), assisted in the tracking service to try locate those who were reported missing and help soothe family members.

With very little sleep and the emotional challenges of having to deal with affected family members, fatigue sets in and was surely felt.

However, for 71-year-old Mr Pungot, it was not a hindrance for him to do his job.

“In the past, when things happened, it happened. We were fully prepared to do the work, our thoughts foremost were to help,” he said when met at the Red Cross House (HQ) at Penang Lane.

He joined the SRC since Secondary One in 1962 and has been involved in community work at the national level.

These include operations such as the MH653 plane crash in 1977.

He was also involved in ambulance services provided by the SRC in the 1960s.

Sharing more, Mr Pungot said:

“In the past, we supported ambulance services in Singapore because at the time there were not many hospitals that had private ambulances.

“So from 7pm to 7am we will be on standby. Some of us work (at our full-time jobs during the day), so after work we will come here (at HQ), sleep here, and we returned to work (at our jobs the next day).”

In volunteering with the SRC, he has never received a single cent.

In fact, monetary rewards was the last thing in Mr Pungot’s mind for volunteering his services to those who is need.

“We never thought about getting paid or being recognized, we never thought about it – we simply just do our best in helping people.

“When we do charity, let us not expect anything in return. The heart must be sincere,” he said frankly.

Nodding as she listened to the former’s advice was a young woman, 16-year-old Nuha Sabrina S., who is also a member of the SRC.

A Secondary Four student at Greendale Secondary School, she was a recipient of this year’s SRC Presidential Youth Award.

The award was given to the outstanding cadets in recognition of their contributions and exemplary achievements in their service to the SRC.

Since joining the SRCY in secondary school, Nuha Sabrina said her interest in helping others grow, and she intends to explore opportunities in the field of medicine in future.