National Schools Literature Festival 2019!

Greendale Secondary School participated in the National Schools Literature Festival 2019.  Two of our students won the Lower Secondary Category of the Flash Fiction Competition and they are:

  • Jeanna (1E3) – National 5th Position
  • Ro En (2E5) – National 10th Position

This is the third consecutive year that the school has won in this keenly contested category. Congratulations to our budding writers!

Here are their winning entries:

Mirror, mirror on the wall!  (by Jeanna)

Friday, 22nd October.

The house was empty. The entire town experienced blackout and the only light source was the moon that casted an eerie shadow.


The sound of the clock echoed throughout the room. I stared at the ceiling, unable to sleep. Even at this hour, there were children running on the streets, outside.


Annoyance grew in me as the children threw stones at the window. I stood up and marched over to the window, flinging it open to yell at them.

There was nobody in sight.


I heard it again. But this time, from the mirror.

Marriages don’t end in heaven (by Ro En)

Today, is the day I had highly anticipated. I was going to reunite with my beloved husband. I woke up in bliss as I nimbly walked over to put on the dazzling black dress that I had bought just for this day. I winged my eyeliner and slipped into my stilettoes. I could not contain my excitement. I want to wipe those tears away. I want all of our misery to end today and for all the bitter days to vanish. I then made way down. The gates have finally opened. It is the first day of the seventh month.