Fire & Evacuation Drill

On 12 February 2019, Greendale Secondary School conducted a fire drill exercise. This is to prepare the school for an emergency that may arise.

The drill went smoothly with no hic-cups in between. It was executed at 8.30 AM and ended 8.50 AM, two “casualties” were planted but were recovered by the search team within the stipulated time. The whole school population managed to assemble at the designated Assembly Area within 6 mins.

With the whole school population accounted for, the whole level of Secondary 1s then move from Greendale Secondary School to Punggol Secondary School, which is the school’s External Holding Area (EHA). The aim is to familiarise the students with the route and the designated EHA during an emergency. Road marshals were assigned to facilitate the student’s crossing.  Once the students arrived at the EHA and were accounted for, bottled water was given out to them so as to ensure that the students were properly hydrated and ready for their walk back to Greendale Secondary School.

In short, the exercise was conducted with zero casualties and with assurance that both the students and staff are always prepared for this type of contingency.  Kudos to the whole school population for reaching this level of readiness.

– Mr Mohd Ariff Abdul Aziz, Operations Manager