Achievements at National Schools Literature Festival 2017

The school is proud to announce that Muhammad Rifdi from 1E2 and Chintakunta Shreya from 1E3 clinched the First and Third prize respectively in this year’s National Schools Literature Festival, Flash Fiction competition (Lower Secondary Category). This is indeed a remarkable achievement for the school. Only two entries were allowed per school and both entries from our school were selected to be in the top 3! The prize presentation was held in St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School on Saturday, 15 July.

Congratulations and well done !!!

These are the students’ stories:

His Skin isn’t Perfect

I don’t look good today. Maybe it’s the hair. Wait, no, maybe it’s the new pimples. I think it’s the mouth, it’s definitely too red. I think the moustache doesn’t look good on me. Honestly, I would prefer fairer skin. I don’t know, this man’s skin just doesn’t look good on me.

-Rifdi (1E2)

Night in the Woods

I felt, rather than saw, the hanging vines move but there was no wind. Startled, I pointed my flashlight towards the old, giant oak tree and saw it. I wondered what it was doing there—the dangling corpse of my wife whom I had brutally murdered not two hours ago at home.

-Shreya (1E3)

Winners of the Literature Fest