Greendale Secondary Congratulates Alumni from Class of 2017!

Greendale Secondary congratulates Greendale alumnus Wang Haiyi (Class of 2017, 4E1) for her stellar performance at the 2019 GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations. Haiyi attained a H3 Distinction in Science Research, and Grade As for 4 H2 Subjects. She has also attained the A*STAR scholarship. Haiyi, who joined Greendale Secondary in 2015 at Secondary 2, subsequently enrolled into National Junior College via DSA. Haiyi expressed her heartfelt appreciation to Greendale teachers for their guidance and support, and she particularly reached out to Mr Darius Tan (Head of Department, Math) when she received her results.

The school also received affirmation from the mother of alumnus Samuel (Class of 2017, 4E1), attributing Samuel’s good performance to the inspiring and hardworking teachers and the school’s caring culture. Samuel attained Grades A and B for his H1 and H2 subjects for his GCE ‘A’ level exams. His younger brother, from Class of 2019, 4E1, also did well in the 2019 GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations with a nett score of 6. Here’s the affirmation from the mother of alumni Samuel and his brother:

“… Teachers in Greendale Sec have made such an impact on both my boys’ secondary school lives and Sam is thinking of applying to NIE too. Sam is an example of how Greendale Sec has groomed students with a PSLE score of 185. Greendale Sec teachers are the best in Singapore! My boys have no tuition and their good results are all Greendale Sec teachers’ hard work. I can testify to that. The caring culture at Greendale Sec is second to none. … teachers in Greendale Sec are gems … I can’t thank all teachers in one note. So many and I haven’t even shared about my second son’s teachers.”

And last, but not the least:

We wish all our Alumni the very best in their education pursuit and as a school, we will continue to SERVE, LEAD and EXCEL.

Congrats to Shawn Kee, Class of 2018!

Congrats to Shawn Kee, Class of 2018, who as been awarded the TP Engineering Scholarship Award based on his first year of study in the Academic Year 2018/2019.

This prestigious scholarship, which is given to students with outstanding academic achievement as well as impressive CCA contribution. In addition, scholarship winners will be sponsored for an Overseas Experience Programme – which may be an overseas study trip, an overseas internship stint, or an overseas community project – and have the opportunity to participate in the Temasek LEADership programme, a talent development programme that aims to groom our high-performing students into leaders with vision, character and heart, beyond academic pursuits.

Congrats to Regine Pek, Class of 2012!

In November 2019, one of our alumni, Regine Pek of class of 2012, graduated from the University of Newcastle, Australia as the valedictorian [Watch her valedictorian speech here!]

Regine has come a long way since her days in Greendale Secondary School. She as been a good friend to the school and returned on various occasions to give talks and share her story as an influencer and her travels around the world.

She has also shared openly about her Greendale experience on her blog. [Read here]

Thank you for continually inspiring us!

Police Advisory on ‘Derby’

Dear Alumni

The police has observed several cases whereby members of the public who had responded to job offers by ‘Derby’, have been duped into transferring money on behalf of ‘Derby’ as part of their job scope. As some of the victims were students, SPF has provided an advisory for schools to alert students about the ongoing scam targeting anyone looking for part-time jobs, as well as to take measures to prevent themselves from becoming victims of crime.

Details are in the attached file – click here .

– School Administration (On Behalf of Singapore Police Force)

Open for Nominations of National Awards for Outstanding Teachers

Dear Alumni,

Do you know of any teachers who have made outstanding contributions in moulding the future of our nation? The Ministry of Education (MOE) invites you to nominate them for the following national awards: The President’s Award for Teachers (PAT) and the Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA).

Nominations for both the PAT and OYEA started on 1 October 2018. The OYEA nominations will close on 8 January 2019, while the PAT nominations will close two weeks later on 22 January 2019.

Please note that: 

  • Nominations for both awards can be submitted online or via hard copy. The links to the online nomination forms can be found on the Academy of Singapore Teachers’ website at and
  • Hard copy nomination forms for both awards are available at all primary and secondary schools, JCs, MI, and MOE’s Customer Service Centre at 1 North Buona Vista Drive. PAT nomination forms can also be found at all 5 polytechnics and ITE.

For further details on the PAT and OYEA, please click on the following link:–2-categories-of-national-awards-for-outstanding-teachers

Alumni NS Engagement Session

On Monday, 23 July 2018, we invited a few of our alumni to speak to the graduating students on their National Service experiences.

The response was quite positive. The students were engaged and most were genuinely interested in finding out more about NS life.

The Alumni were asked about a variety of things related from pre-enlistment procedures and preparation, to life during BMT and friendships formed during National Service.

Our Alumni is Awesome

I think what is most heartening is to see our former Greendale students turning into fine young adults, and good role models for our current students:

Eng Junjie, Class of 2010

Junjie is an NCC alumni who served for several years as a cadet officer. He continued his passion for the military and is currently a regular in the Singapore Armed Forces as an Army Intelligence officer. At the moment, he is also with our dance students every Saturday as a liaison officer for NDP.

Xavier Lee, Class of 2012

Xavier is currently a regular in the Singapore Police Force. He was offered a scholarship while in Polytechnic which paid for his polytechnic education. He is doing well in his career as a part of the Ground Task Force team and besides his regular police duties he is also part of the career advisory team in the force and hold career talks for aspiring policemen. Xavier came straight from his night shift to be with us for the sharing!

Duncan Quek, Class of 2012

Duncan went to polytechnic after Greendale, and just finished serving his Full Time NS obligations this year in the Guards Formation. He will be starting his university studies at NTU Accountancy this year. Like Xavier, Duncan was a Student Leader when he was in Greendale and shared with me that he learnt a lot of valuable skills from his experiences there that served him well as part of the Greendale Alumni as well as during his poly education.

To the Teachers who have taught these students before, thank you for helping them develop into fine gentlemen!

Mr Mohamed Shahmir Anwar
Teacher-in-Charge, Greendale Alumni
Subject Head, National Education