Congrats to Shawn Kee, Class of 2018!

Congrats to Shawn Kee, Class of 2018, who as been awarded the TP Engineering Scholarship Award based on his first year of study in the Academic Year 2018/2019.

This prestigious scholarship, which is given to students with outstanding academic achievement as well as impressive CCA contribution. In addition, scholarship winners will be sponsored for an Overseas Experience Programme – which may be an overseas study trip, an overseas internship stint, or an overseas community project – and have the opportunity to participate in the Temasek LEADership programme, a talent development programme that aims to groom our high-performing students into leaders with vision, character and heart, beyond academic pursuits.

Congrats to Regine Pek, Class of 2012!

In November 2019, one of our alumni, Regine Pek of class of 2012, graduated from the University of Newcastle, Australia as the valedictorian [Watch her valedictorian speech here!]

Regine has come a long way since her days in Greendale Secondary School. She as been a good friend to the school and returned on various occasions to give talks and share her story as an influencer and her travels around the world.

She has also shared openly about her Greendale experience on her blog. [Read here]

Thank you for continually inspiring us!