Message from the Alumni President

Hi, my name is Tham Ding Xuan from the graduating batch of 2017.

I joined the Greendale Alumni because I wanted to give something back to the school. Greendale has done a lot for me – giving me many opportunities and experiences to develop my leadership qualities as well as equipping me with many life skills that is still relevant to my post secondary school life.

As the current president of the Greendale Alumni, my team and I hope to strengthen the bonds between Greendale students of the past and the school. I believe that it is important that all of us who had gone through the “Greendale Experience” remain united as a family.

Time will pass, and many things will change in our lives. As a young school, Greendale will evolve too. However, let’s not forget where our journey started. Greendale will always be my home, and I hope many of you feel that way too regardless of where you are right now, trying to achieve your dreams.

We are excited by the future of Greendale and hope to grow together with the school.

On behalf of the Greendale Alumni, we promise to continue to serve, lead and excel in all that we do.

Tham Ding Xuan, Class of 2017, President of the Greendale Alumni