Teacher’s Day Award

Dear fellow Alumni,

In  light of the COVID-19 pandemic,  all schools are restricting visitors, including alumni, to prevent intermingling as part of our safe management measures to keep the school community safe.

In collaboration with the school, the Greendale Alumni team is launching a new Teachers’ Day Award!

Called “Greendale’s Most Impactful Teacher” Award, we would like the alumni community to nominate any teacher(s) who you think should receive the Teacher’s Day Award!

Do show your appreciation to your teachers even though you won’t be able to visit the school! We will make sure the message gets to your teachers!

🏆Please help us by filling up the form via this link.🏆 Alternatively, you can access the form by scanning the QR code below.

Note: You can submit any number of nominations.

Dateline: 31-8-2020 [It’s coming soon so don’t wait!]

One thought on “Teacher’s Day Award”

  1. Dear Teachers of Greendale,
    Thanks for motivating and inspiring your students to believe that they will become the shakers and movers of the world!😊

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