Showing Appreciation to Teachers

Dear Alumni,

In view of COVID-19 situation, we are restricting visitors, including alumni, into the school to prevent intermingling between school community and outsiders. This is part of our safe management measures to keep the school community safe.

We would like to encourage Alumni to show appreciation to teachers in other ways such as by posting Teachers’ Day wishes using ‘Comment’ function of this blogsite.

Thank you.

The School Management

22 thoughts on “Showing Appreciation to Teachers”

  1. As educators, they have gone extramile to control the situation and also provide support which is commendable.
    Appreciate all the efforts put by you all in making a smooth journey for us as newbees in Secondary 1

  2. #teamgreendale

    there is only one word to describe you, SNAWESOME!

    You rose to the challenges despite the many restrictions and short turnaround time to get everything in order.

    No words can describe the immense gratitude and appreciation I have for each and everyone of you.

    Happy Teachers’ Day! Enjoy the day off!

  3. Dear Greendale Teachers,
    Thank you for being there with our children in the midst of this difficult times. It is not easy to manage families, new technologies, new norm and at the same time caring and ensure well being of our children. Very touched by your dedication and commitment to keep them in faith. Have a good break over the long weekend. Good job! Well done!

  4. Dear Mr Ong (4D FT),
    You are one of the reasons my daughter loves Greendale. She speaks of you very fondly. Thank you so much for being an inspiration to her! Salute to all Teachers like you!

  5. 有人说,教书育人是一场单恋,学生虐我千百遍,我待学生如初恋。 Mr Su,非常感恩你不分昼夜的辛苦,为的是给2C的同学一盏领路明灯!

  6. Dear teachers,
    Thank you so much for being there for my 2 boys although they aren’t your ideal students. I so so so appreciate your patience, compassion, and your continuous effort to nurture them into responsible young adults.

  7. To all Sec 3D Teachers,
    We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers for their endurance and support during this trying period. Despite having to prepare and conduct classes online in a very short time, all the teachers worked tirelessly and dedicated themselves to teaching.
    We pray for the well-being of our teachers and rest assured knowing our children are well taken care of.

    Our sincere appreciation and gratitude will always remain with you.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  8. Thank you Ms Chang Yu Zhen , 2B for being so fun and positive. Also for putting so much effort and doing so much for your students and a very caring teacher.

  9. A very grateful to all teachers whom had given their passion, courages and patience towards the students in Greendale Secondary. Without all of your hardships, love and caring, our children will not grown up with their beautiful heart, honesty, kindness and all the great things happen to them. Your special time was spent to every single student without neglected their work nor even during COVID 19. I’m very impressed to all teachers as they had done their duty by teaching and guided every single child without neglected any one and fairly treated to every student.

  10. Dear Teachers and Cousellors,

    Thank you for looking after our child in her academics and emotional well-being. Wishing you all Happy Teacher’s Day!

    With Gratitude,
    Parents of Mabel Goh (2H)

  11. To all teachers of 4D,
    Thanks for the patience with the kids. Although they may not be so motivated even in their critical year, you have not given up hope on them and continued to push them at this last lap of their secondary life. As parents, we truly appreciate the guidance provided to the kids.

  12. We would like to express our gratitude to all the teachers who have given so much of their time and hard work in teaching and guidance to our child. Your sacrifices don’t go unnoticed. We really appreciate for all you have done in nurturing the leaders of the future.

    Happy Teacher’s Day🎉

  13. To all teachers/subjects based banding teachers of Class 1A

    你们辛苦了。除了感恩,还是感恩 🙏

    Is not easy being a teacher, need lots of patience and love to work with teenagers. Thank you for your guidance towards my child.

    Happy Teacher’s Day

  14. Teachers are student’s role models as they impact their learning attitude greatly especially when teachers put in extra effort to help all weaker or absent students.

    Students as well as their parents see it in heart and appreciate it although they might not know how to express themselves.

    Thank you class 2A teachers for the extra miles for delivering the homework to my boy when he was on 2 weeks mc due to Dengue Fever and also giving him extra lessons before school starts.

    Happy Teachers’ Day to all of you.
    Thank u for your guidance.

  15. Dear Teachers and staff of Greendale Secondary,

    We want to take this opportunity to thank All of you for the effort and hard work in Taking care of our children especially in midst of this challenging Covid 19 situation. We want to thank Mrs Reddy for all the special arrangement and care provided to Rommel with his access arrangement! Happy Teacher’s Day

    From Dennis and Pauline

  16. Dear GDLSS Teachers,

    Great teachers never try to be the best teachers, they simply try to bring out the best in each of their students.

    Thank you for being such great teachers. Your love and patience is very much appreciated always.

  17. Happy Teacher’s Day to all Greendale teachers!
    Your hard work and dedication have indeed made a difference in the kids’ lives.
    Enjoy the well-deserved break and recharge!

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