Unveiling of Greendale Secondary 15th Anniversary Logo

Dear Alumni

We will be celebrating our 15th Anniversary in 2021.

In commemoration of this special occasion, the school has designed the 15th Anniversary logo with inputs from our students through a logo design competition. We are proud to present you the Greendale Secondary 15th Anniversary logo:

About the Logo

The 15th Anniversary Logo is a culmination of design concepts and elements from students’ winning entries of the Greendale Logo Design competition.

The overall design concept depicts coming together to forge one stronger entity. The continuous, seamless shape that forms the letters ‘G’ and ‘D’, represents Greendale and resembles the infinity symbol. This signifies the school’s continuous strive towards excellence. The two contrasting colours of the logo depict the different pathways to success. Gaps within the infinity symbol represent the challenges faced along the journey and the resilience to Serve and Lead. The number ‘15’ marks the school’s 15th Anniversary.

The number ‘1’ with a dot above it, forms a human-like figure leaping upwards, progressing and rising above life’s challenges.

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