Greendale Alumni Wishes All Teachers a Happy Teachers’ Day!

Teachers’ Day¬† is coming! Alumni, do wish your teachers a very happy Teachers’ Day through the comments section below!

Remember to state your name, class, year of graduation at the end of your post!

One thought on “Greendale Alumni Wishes All Teachers a Happy Teachers’ Day!”

  1. I’m Dayah from the 1st batch of GDL students would like to thank all the teachers who have taught me from 2006 to 2009; including Mr Kelvin Chan my Maths & Physics teacher; a fun-teaching teacher and Mr Zaini who was my 4A3 form teacher; with his fierce looks definitely..haha! Without his strictness in discipline, I would have drown into a person who has no firm attitude and behaviour. I wish to visit GDLSS however my work has overpowered my will though. I appreciate all guidance from all the teachers who have taught me.. the immatured me. Currently, I work as a hotelier and my work opportunities expand all the way to Seoul, South Korea and Perth, Western Australia. A career which I’ve build 7 years ago is worth the effort. Withstand without a hotel management certificate but a film-making graduate, I believe that crosspath or switch career is possible as long as you believe in youself. With that, I living with this words everyday; ‘Determination’ and ‘Stay positive’.

    Thank you and have a good day!
    P.S: Going back to GDLSS is my ultimate wish now!

    (Nurul Hidayah, 4A3, 2009)

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